Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Friday, February 27, 2015

28 Feb 2015 - Javier lost one more tooth

Javier lost one more tooth today.  This bottom tooth has been shaky for quite a while.  I asked him how did his tooth drop off and he said:"Jerlene accidentally kicked me and my tooth come out"!  I was like "What??!!?".  Jerlene did apologize to Javier and she really did it accidentally while playing.

22 Feb 2015 - Lion Dance and Fortune God (舞狮与财神爷)

Chinese New Year will not be complete without watching a Lion Dance and an encounter with Fortune God (财神爷).  This is an annual event at my sis place.
At the end of the lion dance, oranges were being arranged on the floor and depending on your luck, you might just strike a lottery.  :-)
While the lion dance was performing, the 财神爷 started giving out lollipop to the kids.
This 财神爷 did not forget about the adults.  Each of the adults received a red packet from him and within the red packet, we were given a 4-digit number.  恭喜发财!

20 Feb 2015 - A visit to Chinatown

Javier was supposed to have an excursion to Chinatown few weeks back but it was cancelled at the very last minute.  Since then, he had been asking me to bring him there.  When Jerlene heard that, she too said that she wanted to visit Chinatown.  Since we do not have any visiting to do today, I decided to bring my whole family to Chinatown.  Jerlene and Javier were very excited.

I parked my car at Chinatown Point and we walked by the underpass all the way to Pagoda Street.  We started exploring the area where shop houses were on both sides of the street.
We went into one shop that sells many CNY accessories.  Jerlene and Javier started choosing what they like when I told them that they can each get one item from this shop.
Further down the street, we came to a TinTin shop.  I knew this comic character since I was at Jerlene's current age.  And she and Javier knew this character from the TinTin movie which was screened about 3 years ago.  This shop is meant for real TinTin collectors as one tiny little figurine costs few hundreds dollars.
Pagoda Street is not a very long street and soon, we reached the other end.
The weather was extremely hot today and by now, we were all very exhausted.
We decided to turn back and find some place to escape from the heat.  Before returning to Chinatown Point, we went up a very wide bridge that spans across Eu Tong Sen Road.  Nice decoration along the road.
By now, my two little angels had totally used up all their energy.  This does not happen when we were overseas when the weather is cooling.  We love Singapore very much. except for its weather.

19 Feb 2015 - Gong Xi Fai Cai, Happy Goat Year (恭喜发财,羊年如意)

On this very first day of Chinese New Year, we lazed at home till late in the afternoon when we started changing to get ready for some visiting.  Once again, wish all a prosperous CNY!

18 Feb 2015 - Our very own reunion dinner

It's Chinese New Year's eve today and we had our very own reunion dinner at home.  Jerlene loves 鱼生 very much and she can really mixed it well!
After "Louhei" (捞起), we had our steamboat dinner.  Jerlene started learning how to cook her own food in a steamboat and she later on helped Javier with it.
Wishing all a happy and wonderful goat year!

14 Feb 2015 - Early Reunion Dinner

My family had our reunion dinner today.  Here are some of the food that we had for our dinner.
The kids had a table all by themselves and they too enjoyed the food.
After dinner, we had a little early birthday celebration for me and my mom.  :-)
Wish everyone in my family good health and an abundance of happiness in the years to come,

12 Feb 2015 - Javier's first tooth extraction

The day has finally come.  We have been procrastinating for almost a Javier had experienced his first tooth extraction at School Dental Centre (HPB).  The outcome worry was entirely unnecessary as the whole procedure went through smoothly.  
I must say that the dentist was very good at handling children throughout the procedure.  She explained to Javier what she'll do to his tooth by telling him a story.  Before the injection, she said she's going to give some sleeping juice to the tooth monster so that it's easier to catch them later when they go to sleep.  I was holding Javier's hand very tightly when the injection was administered.  Javier just felt a slight "pinch" on his gum and after that, pieces of his decayed baby molar were removed from his gum.  There was not a single sound made from Javier throughout the entire procedure.  This was totally unexpected. Even the dentist said Javier was one of the best "behaved" child whom she had treated so far.  Well done, my little brave warrior!
At the end of the treatment, Javier got to choose a few Angry Bird stickers which the dentist had promised him during the last visit.  And guess what, the treatment fee is only $9.00.  Previously when we went to Q&M dental clinic, consultation alone already costs $30.

The next appointment will be in a month's time when Javier will be extracting the left baby molar.  I decided to send Javier home to rest before I return to my office.

7 Feb 2015 - First try at making fruit juice

My little princess and prince had their first try at making their own fruit juice.  Javier put in the cut fruits one by one into the juicer while Jerlene squeezed the juice out from them.  At the end of their hard work, they were rewarded by a cup of refreshing fruit juice each.

1 Feb 2015 - Shopping for presents

Jerlene's birthday was a week ago and I still "owe" her a present.  She had told me what she wants but I haven't got the time till today.  I decided to bring them to town to search for the present.  It has been quite a while since I last brought them out to shop mainly because they had always preferred to stay at home.  Today it's different as they know we are going to get what they want.

We were at Toys-R-Us, Suntec.  I gave them a budget from which they can choose anything they want but must be within the budget.  Jerlene already had something in mind and very quickly, she found what she had always wanted.  As for Javier, he went round and round because he cannot decide what he wants.  It took him more than half an hour before he finally chose two items, which added up to be within the budget.  After we happily made the payment, I bought an ice cream cone for them and they loved it, just look at Javier.....haha.......
Jerlene bought the a Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle set (below) while Javier bought a bag of all sorts of vehicles and a play mat with roads on it.
When we reached home, they can't wait to unpack the presents.  We have been "ignored" for the rest of the day.  Anyway, seeing them happy, I also happy.  :-P