Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, April 30, 2015

25 Apr 2015 - Javier has a "special" skill (左右互搏)

Recently Javier has developed a unique skill whereby he can control two Wii remote independently in a two players game using his left and right hands.  In fact, it is his left hand versus his right hand.  As you know, he has always wanted to be first in everything.  And when it comes to playing games, he always wants to win.  Because of this mentality, he started developing this skill so that the entire game will be within his control.  He can now decide whether the left hand should win, or the right.  It's very much like the Chinese martial arts novel by 金庸 where there is a skill called 左右互搏.  You may not be able to imagine how the skill works so let's watch the following video to have an idea.

20 Apr 2015 - Dental checkup at School Dental Clinic @ HPB

After the last painful extraction at the dental clinic, I thought Javier will not even dare to step into the clinic again.  However, he seems to have forgotten that pain and his mind is simply "overwhelmed" by pictures of Angry Bird stickers that he will be getting after the session.  You cannot imagine how crazy he is about this little red bird.
Today was just a follow-up check on previous extractions.  And because there is currently a gap between the last molar and the third tooth from the back, the dentist wants to assess if there is a need for a retainer.  As the last molar has not been fully grown out yet, the dentist advised us to come back in 3 months time and do another assessment by a specialist.
The dentist then proceed to do the basic cleaning and in the end, Javier got what he wanted.  From now on, we must ensure Javier brushes his teeth properly because if the mouth hygiene is not there, the specialist will not recommend retainer because that may cause more problems.  So we have prepared our own set of Angry Bird stickers, which will be very effective to ensure he brushes his teeth regularly and properly.  :-)

18 Apr 2015 - Jerlene swims full length of the pool

Jerlene is able to swim the full length of the pool without any help now. In fact she's the only one in her class who is able to do it at the moment. Well done, Jerlene!

12 Apr 2015 - Angry Bird Playset

We have "owed" Javier a birthday present and it finally arrived.  It's an Angry Bird Set complete with the various angry birds, the green pigs, slingshots as well as bricks and logs.
Javier has been crazy about angry birds ever since he started playing it on the mobile phone.  He was overjoyed when he saw what he'll be getting.
He "invited" Jerlene to play with him.  Jerlene of course was more than happy to entertain him as she too likes angry birds.
After watching them play, it seems fun so Tracy and I decided to join them.  Haha.....talking about big kids.......

12 Apr 2015 - Punggol Settlement

This afternoon, Tracy and I were thinking of where we should have our lunch.  Suddenly the word "Punggol Settlement" popped out in our head and there we went.  It's right at the end of the old Punggol Road.  I have heard that the area has been redeveloped into a food and beverage place.  True enough, there are many restaurants, cafe and even a supermarket (Giant).  We had our lunch at the White Restaurant whereby it's famous for its white beehoon.  It's a must try, really delicious.
After lunch, we took a stroll along the waterfront.  From here we could see the western part of Pulau Ubin where Outward Bound is situated.
Nearby there is a bicycle shop where we can rent a bicycle and ride along the cycling track.  One day, we will bring Jerlene and Javier here for a cycling session.
As we walked towards the carpark, we came upon two ponds and there were many tortoises suntanning under the hot sun.
We will be back soon.

11 Apr 2015 - Jerlene built a "laptop"

At the age of 8, Jerlene built her own "computer".  Really?!?  Of course it's different from the first Apple computer built by Steve Wozniak.  Nonetheless it's still a great effort.  At least she had made good use of those recycle items.
The computer, or rather laptop, was made of cardboard and a plastic egg tray cover.  It even comes with a mouse.  Does it work?  Yes, can't you see she's doing google search on the screen?  Lol......

5 Apr 2015 - Watching "HOME"

Jerlene and Javier had been asking me to bring them to watch the movie "HOME" for the past few weeks.  They knew about it through the advertisement on TV as well as from their mobile phones.  Every now and then, they will suddenly shout "My hand is in the air, like I just do not care"!  For those who had watched the movie, you should know about this line.  :-)

As I bought the tickets online using Mastercard via Masterpass, we got a free popcorn combo set for every 2 tickets purchased.  Quite worth it.
After the movie, we had our dinner at Sushi Express.  It was only about 5pm then and yet, there was already a long queue outside the restaurant.  Javier only likes the salmon floss sushi and he took at least 3 plates of that.  It was a satisfying dinner, in fact it was a satisfying day for all of us.

5 Apr 2015 - Certificate of Examination for Chinese Dance

Today Jerlene received her first Chinese Dance Certificate of Examination (Grade 4) of Artistic Level issued by Beijing Dance Society.  Well done, Jerlene!  Another certificate to your collection.

4 Apr 2015 - Lunar Eclipse

Tonight we had witnessed the shortest lunar eclipse of the century.  At first, the sky was very cloudy and I thought I would miss it.  However, with much patience, the cloud started to disperse and we managed to see the second stage of the eclipse where the moon slowly moved out of the earth's shadow.
This was Jerlene's and Javier's first time to witness a lunar eclipse.  Initially they were very excited but their interest did not last too long.
Below are some of the better shots that I took.