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Thursday, April 30, 2015

25 Apr 2015 - Javier has a "special" skill (左右互搏)

Recently Javier has developed a unique skill whereby he can control two Wii remote independently in a two players game using his left and right hands.  In fact, it is his left hand versus his right hand.  As you know, he has always wanted to be first in everything.  And when it comes to playing games, he always wants to win.  Because of this mentality, he started developing this skill so that the entire game will be within his control.  He can now decide whether the left hand should win, or the right.  It's very much like the Chinese martial arts novel by 金庸 where there is a skill called 左右互搏.  You may not be able to imagine how the skill works so let's watch the following video to have an idea.

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