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Thursday, April 30, 2015

5 Apr 2015 - Watching "HOME"

Jerlene and Javier had been asking me to bring them to watch the movie "HOME" for the past few weeks.  They knew about it through the advertisement on TV as well as from their mobile phones.  Every now and then, they will suddenly shout "My hand is in the air, like I just do not care"!  For those who had watched the movie, you should know about this line.  :-)

As I bought the tickets online using Mastercard via Masterpass, we got a free popcorn combo set for every 2 tickets purchased.  Quite worth it.
After the movie, we had our dinner at Sushi Express.  It was only about 5pm then and yet, there was already a long queue outside the restaurant.  Javier only likes the salmon floss sushi and he took at least 3 plates of that.  It was a satisfying dinner, in fact it was a satisfying day for all of us.

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