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Sunday, May 31, 2015

24 May 2015 - LEGO® Academy and LEGO® MINDSTORMS®

In about one week's time, school holiday will start.  As such, we decided to go Legoland today so that we will not meet the crowd starting next week.  Going into Malaysia was a breeze and we did not have to queue at both Singapore and Malaysia customs at all.  In fact, the entire journey to Legoland was less than an hour.

In this visit, we decided to try out a few attractions that we have not tried before.  First we went to LEGO® Academy where kids will build educational LEGO® model in a fully air-conditioned room.
The theme for Legoland this month is Lego Star Wars.  "May" the force be with you!
So Jerlene and Javier got to build models such as R2D2 and X-Wing Star Fighter.
At the end of the session, they were even presented with Certificates of Participation.
Next Jerlene and me went over to LEGO® MINDSTORMS® which is just next door.  For this activity, you need to sign up beforehand and the minimum age is 8 years old.  Here, we were going to program the movement of Lego robot to complete two missions.  It was similar to the Robotics class that Jerlene attended in school previously.  Basically, we can program the robot to move forward, turn left or right and actions such as slash or shoot.  We got to estimate the distance to travel and degree of turning.
Let's see how our robot perform.

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