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Saturday, June 27, 2015

14 Jun 2015 - Car Showroom = Amusement Park?

Nowadays, car showroom is not just a display of cars on sale.  They try to make it very family oriented and kids will not feel bored during the time there.  While parents went around looking at cars, kids got to enjoy at the games corner in the showroom for FREE!
They can even win prizes.  Jerlene won a paper plane and Javier won a paper ball.  These toys were very familiar to me as I used to play them when I was at their age.
There were other games such as Hopscotch, moon sands and lego bricks to keep the kids busy for hours.  Other than games, there is also a cafe which offer FREE food and drinks to anyone in the showroom.  Jerlene and Javier ordered a Hot Chocolate each from the drink counter while Tracy and I ordered a Latte and Mocha.  We also tried local delicacies such as Laksa, Mee Soto, 茶叶蛋, Muah Chee, Chilli Crab Buns, Ice Cream etc.  We spent around 2-3 hours in the showroom.  AMAZING!

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