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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

18 Jun 2015 - Port Dickson Day 1: Alive 3D Art Gallery

We finished our lunch at about 2:30pm.  As our room will only be ready after 4pm, we decided to explore some interesting places in Port Dickson before heading back to the hotel.  When we did our research on Port Dickson prior to this trip, we were surprised that there is an attraction called the "Alive 3D Art Gallery" in such a small town.  It is similar to the Trickeye Museum that we went previously in Seoul as well as the one at Resort World Sentosa.
After we purchased the admission tickets, we have to rent a locker to keep our shoes.  Yes, shoes are not allowed in the gallery.  We were glad that we came here on a weekday because there were very few people around.  At every camera spot, we were able to take our own sweet time for photo shooting without any stress of people waiting in line.  From some of the reviews on the internet, this place can be very crowded during weekends and public holidays.

Below are some of the photos that we took at the gallery.

Beware of the Octopus, Kids!
 Where's your parachute, Jerlene?
 "Roar", Javier the Giant is here!
 Be careful, Jerlene!  Daddy's coming to get you!
 Hey!  Who shrunk mommy?
 Children, help me to carry Tower of Pisa home!
 Let's meet the new additions to Jia Jia and Kai Kai.  They are Jer Jer and Jav Jav.
 Nice ride, daddy!
Mommy accidentally pours the water out of this picture!
 Javier:"Be careful, I'm going to light the bomb now!"
 Isn't this a familiar scene in a movie?
 OMG, his is HUGE!
 Kids, you can stop pumping now, they are already floating!
 A scene in Avatar, the movie.
 Practising Kungfu with Po and Master Shifu.
 Tai Tai having afternoon tea with Monalisa.
 Daddy is trapped!
 So it's not the manhole that blows up Marilyn Monroe's skirt.  It's Jerlene using a hairdryer!
Let's meet our pet T-Rex.
 Javier, watch your back!
 Daddy needs help!
 Treasure hunting adventure in an ancient pyramid tomb.
 Mommy is so hungry that she's eating sands.......
 Jerlene:"Javier, hurry up, get all the gold coins!"
 There's more treasure behind this picture!  Quick tear it apart!
 X-Boy, the new evolution!
 ATM that dispenses unlimited cash!
 Surfboarding champion in action!
 Jerlene:"Here are my pet dolphins."
 Daddy:"Help, I can't hold it any longer!"
 Nice split, mommy!
 We are at the top of the world!
 The wind is strong up there, must hold the pole tight!
 The youngest Cliffhangers in the world.
 Poor Santa!
 Jerlene holding a huge mirror.
 Javier in Venice!
 Let's break through the wall!
 Here's your Teh Tarik, Jerlene!
We spent about 2 hours at the gallery.  As we left the place, we saw a group of visitors arriving.  Glad that we came and left at the right time.  Before returning to our hotel, we decided to go to a nearby Giant Hypermart to buy some snacks and drinks.
In the evening, this place gets very crowded as there were Pasar Malam stalls being setup around the perimeter of the mall.

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