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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

18 Jun 2015 - Port Dickson Day 1: Lexis Hibiscus

We embarked on our 3 days 2 nights short holiday to Port Dickson today.  Before we left home, we checked the traffic condition at both the immigration checkpoint.  Surprisingly, there was a long stretch of cars leading to Tuas Checkpoint (2nd link) while it was pretty empty at Woodlands Causeway.  So we took the Causeway route instead of 2nd link as planned originally.  Clearing the customs (both SG and MY) was a breeze and very soon, we were on the North South highway heading towards our destination, Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson.

We reached the resort at around 1:30pm but was told that we can only register after 2pm.  Even if they allow us to register, our room will only be ready after 4pm.  As such, we decided to go somewhere for our lunch first.
This is the hotel lobby, which is quite huge.
Below shows the lift lobby to the guest rooms (which are not ready yet).  Beside the lift is a Japanese restaurant, Umi.

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