Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Monday, August 31, 2015

29 Aug 2015 - Breast Stroke = Butterfly Stroke?

In today's swimming lesson, the instructor started teaching them breaststroke (or some say frog style).  Javier was so funny.  When the instructor asked him to swim forward in breaststroke, somehow he swam in a style that resembles butterfly stroke.  We all, including the instructor, can't stop laughing and at the same time, pretty amazed too.

As it happened too quickly, I did not have the chance to take a video of it.  However, that image will stay in my memory for a very long time.  Whenever I think of it, I will still laugh......haha.......

24 Aug 2015 - Dancing Kids are BACK!

It has been quite a while since Jerlene and Javier last played the Xbox dancing game.  Today, not sure what triggered them to play it again.
It's always enjoyable to watch them dance and have fun!

23 Aug 2015 - DIY pancakes

This morning, Jerlene and mommy decided to make pancakes for breakfast.  Considering this was their first attempt, I must say it tasted pretty good.  Practice makes perfect.  So I hope this won't be the first and last time.

22 Ag 2015 - Nice porridge at Sin Heng Kee

There is a nice porridge stall (Sin Heng Kee at Hougang street 61) near our place and we decided to go there this evening for dinner.  Initially, Javier said he didn't like porridge.  However he finished two bowls in the end.  I seldom see him eat so much and so fast for a meal.  We all had a satisfying dinner.

9 Aug 2015 - Happy 50th Birthday, Singapore!

It's SG50 today.  Happy 50th birthday, Singapore!

It seems like my mini orchid wanted to celebrate with us as it started blooming today.
As usual, there was aerial display by the SAF Airforce as part of the National Day Parade.
Before the fly past at Padang, the flying machines will normally fly past my place first.

9 Aug 2015 - Celebrate SG birthday at the KTV

Today is National Day and we were having a KTV sing along session together with our neighbour in the afternoon.
Let's listen to Jerlene and Javier singing 私奔到月球.  They actually don't quite know the lyrics, especially Javier, but still managed to "blah blah" through the song.  :-)

8 Aug 2015 - One kid, One device

This is how the minecraft gang spent most of their time during holiday and weekend.  When I stood right in front of them, it was as though I am invisible.  Sigh.............一群低头族.

7 Aug 2015 - My very own MBS

Jerlene and Javier have been "pestering" me to join their world in Minecraft.  After I saw what they have built, I was amazed and decided to build something iconic.  The first thing that came into my mind is Marina Bay Sands.  So I started working on it and it took me several hours to build the exterior.  On the ship-like roof, I even created the famous infinity pool.
Jerlene and Javier were excited to visit my very own MBS.  When I have the time, I will try to build the interior with casino, restaurants, shopping outlets and hotel rooms.

7 Aug 2015 - I love SG

Javier and I had the following conversation in our car when he saw a number of huge banners by the roadside saying "I love SG".

Javier:"Papa, why everywhere got the words 'I love SG'?"
Me:"Because it's coming to National Day."
Javier:"We only say 'I love SG' on National Day?"
Me:"No, we should say 'I love SG' everyday."
Javier:"But how come I never hear you say 'I love SG' everyday?"

6 Aug 2015 - Bright Juniors Sports Day

Coincidentally, today is also sports day for Javier.  After Jerlene was dismissed from school, we drove over to Javier's childcare centre to witness the event.  For K2, the event was held on a small field outside of the childcare centre.
After the workout for the kids, parents were invited to join in the next event, scavenger hunt.  We were given a list of items to find in a neighbourhood park nearby.  All of us had a great time searching high and low in the park.
Before the sports day came to an end, the kids gathered at the void deck singing some patriotic songs.
Below is a compilation of videos taken during the events.

6 Aug 2015 - Rosyth School Sports Day

Jerlene participated in her school's sports day this morning.  I took a day off from my work to witness the event.  For P2 students, they assembled at the multi purpose hall while waiting for the event to commence.
All students will participate in at least two events while some did three.  Jerlene is in Philips house and they emerged as runner up among all the houses.
Below is a compilation of all the events that Jerlene participated.

5 Aug 2015 - Dental Review at School Dental Clinic (HPB)

Javier had a dental review today by a specialist to assess if there is a need for him to put on a teeth retainer.  The purpose of the retainer is to keep the gap, left from an extracted molar, from closing up so that the permanent molar will have space to grow out in 5-6 years time.
The assessment is that Javier is still not ready to put on a retainer due to his unsatisfactory mouth hygiene.  Without a good mouth hygiene, putting on a retainer may cause more issues as food may get stuck in the retainer.  As such, the dentist advise Javier to improve on his brushing and hygiene and have another review in 3-4 months time.

2 Aug 2015 - Foam party for the kids at roof terrace

My neighbour bought an inflatable pool for his girl and invited our kids to go over to join her.
It's a foam party for them and they enjoyed it so much!  Kids nowadays 真幸福!  :-)

1 Aug 2015 - Great determination, Javier!

During today's swimming lesson, Jerlene and Javier were told to swim 4 laps in freestyle.  Towards the end, I could see that Javier was running out of breath and he could hardly keep up with his arm strokes.  However, with great determination, he still tried to push on to complete all the laps.  Well done, Javier!  You have been improving week after week!

1 Aug 2015 - Parent Child Teacher Conference (PCTC)

After Jerlene's ballet class, we went to her school to attend the Parent Child Teacher Conference.  In the 10mins session, Jerlene presented to us what she had learnt and enjoyed during her learning journey to the Science Centre.  She also reflected on what she had done well and which area requires improvement.
Actually before this session, Jerlene had told me that she was very nervous and hoping that she can skip the session.  In the end, we managed to convince her to proceed and just do her best, which she did pretty well.  According to her teacher, there were really some students who decided not to attend the conference simply because they were too nervous.  So well done, Jerlene!