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Thursday, December 31, 2015

27 Dec 2015 - A Play by Javier

Javier had invited everyone to watch a Play created and directed by him.  He had been very busy last night writing his scripts for the play.  This morning, he started building the props for the play so as to be ready for the afternoon show.  He even invited our neighbor's kid to watch.  The story is none other than his favourite MINECRAFT!
He got the idea from Legoland's NinjaGo Live Show and now he created one of his own.  Though it's a smaller version, it's really a great effort.  Well done, Javier!  :-)

26 Dec 2015 - One final trip to Legoland (NinjaGo Live Show)

As our Legoland Annual Passes will be expired in a few days time, we decided to make a final trip there today.  We do not intend to renew our passes because Jerlene and Javier have "outgrown" the rides in the park.  Their interest level in Legoland has dropped significantly from our last few visits.

One main highlight today was the NinjaGo Live stage show!  It's the first ever in this part of the world.  The special effects were quite nicely done and the stage performers were excellent in making all the Lego characters to come "alive"!
Here's a video of the entire NinjaGo Show.  Enjoy!

25 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 12: Fly home with a pleasant surprise

It's the end of our 12 days Tasmania holiday.  We drove to Launceston airport for our domestic flight to Melbourne, and there after, an international flight back home.
Jerlene and Javier were carrying their Xmas bears around the airport and had attracted attention of many people.  There was a women who even requested to take a photo with the bear that was sitting on our luggage.
While waiting for our flight at Melbourne airport, my name was being called at the boarding gate.  Guess entire family got upgraded to business class cabin.  What a pleasant surprise and a wonderful Xmas gifts!
This is Jerlene and Javier's first time sitting in Business Class.  They were so excited to see such a big screen and a supersized seat.  As the cabin configuration was 1-2-1, we were all assigned to the single seat by the windows.  Jerlene and Javier were playing a multiplayer game and at one point, they started talking to each other so loudly that I had to calm them down.
As today was Christmas, there was decoration all around the cabin, which was nice.
We reached home around 11pm and we gave Jerlene and Javier another Xmas surprise.  Jerlene got her favourite "My Little Poney" plushies set while Javier got his Minecraft Lego set.  If you remember in one of my earliest posts, Javier had written a letter to Santa in Hobart listing down his wishes.  One of them was Minecraft Lego set.  So his wish really come true which made him started to believe that Santa is REAL!  :-)

24 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 11: Cataract Gorge Playground

If you have followed all my postings on this Tasmania trip, you would have known that on our first day in Launceston, I had promised Jerlene and Javier that I will bring them back to Cataract Gorge playground on our last day of our trip if we got time.  So I've kept my promise and here we were at Cataract Gorge once again.  As today was Christmas eve, there were local families having wine and barbecue in the park.
This marked the end of our Tasmania trip and we had totally enjoyed it.  Hope you all find the info and photos that I've posted useful to you, especially those who have intention to visit this wonderful island in the near future.

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24 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 11: Centro Meadow Mews Shopping Centre

As today was our last day in Launceston, we decided to go to a shopping mall to buy some souvenirs back home.  We went to a shopping centre called Centro Meadows Mews in the suburb.
Centro Meadow Mews is well positioned as the main shopping centre of Kings Meadows providing convenient grocery shopping, postal and banking facilities, together with a strong fashion precinct. The centre has excellent parking and is easily accessible from the three surrounding roads.
Some websites claimed that this is one of the biggest mall in Launceston but it's actually pretty small.  We bought some chocolates, tit bits, sweets and souvenirs from Coles supermarket in the mall.
We then went to a nearby McDonald for our dinner.  So far all the McDonald restaurants that we went to in Tasmania have a huge indoor playground (see below).

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24 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 11: Parklane Motel at Launceston

We were back at Launceston in the afternoon.  We checked in to Parklane Motel where we stayed for our last night in Tasmania.
Once again, it has a double bed with two single beds in the room.
Parklane Motel is centrally located within an easy 5 minute walk of the city centre (CBD)
Launceston City Park is just across the road.

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24 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 11: Bridestowe Lavender Estate

The journey from St Helens to Bridestowe Lavender Estate took us about 2 hours.
This 265 acre site is noted for its manicured fields of lavender, beautiful gardens and sophisticated tourist facilities and attracts visitors throughout the year.
The farm is in full bloom mid December.  The harvest process begins in early January and runs for 4-5 weeks.  As such, we were here at the right time!
In the past one week, we had come across several lavender farm but they were nothing compared to Bridestowe Estate.  Look at all these photos and you'll know why.
Did you notice a black spot at the top right hand corner of below photo? Enlarge it to find out what it is.  I did not realize it until I reviewed the photos back home.
While waiting for the guided tour, we had sausages and pancake for lunch at the cafe.  Of course, we will not miss the popular Lavender Ice Cream!
The guide brought us around the farm and explain all the seeding and harvesting activities throughout the year.  Very informative!
At the end of our visit, we bought some souvenirs at the gift shop.

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23 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 10: Bayside Inn at St Helens

We checked in to Bayside Inn at St Helens after an enjoyable visit to Bay of Fires.
Our room had a double bed and two single beds which was perfect for us.
And below is the view from our room's balcony.
On our way to Bay of Fires earlier in the day, we passed by an Oyster Farm.
We went in to take a look and spoke briefly with the owner.  Of course before we left, Tracy bought a dozen of fresh oysters.
That's her dinner.  :-)
The seaside town of St Helens is the largest town and administrative centre of the north-east region.  We explored the town and at the same time, trying to look for a shop where we can get ice cream.
As most shops had already closed for the day, we bought ice cream from a petrol kiosk.
We then drove to a park to enjoy the peaceful surrounding.
Right in front of Bayside Inn is a playground by the sea shore.
While Jerlene and Javier were playing in the playground, Tracy and I took a stroll along the shore.  We saw many unique rocks by the shore and decided to take a closer look.
To our surprise, these rocks were actually Oysters!!!!  But they seemed to have dried up.
As the water was very calm, it was perfect for stone skipping.  Jerlene and Javier was surprised that I could make a stone skipped 8-10 times on the surface of the water.
We stayed by the shore till the sky slowly turned dark.
This place was beautiful, especially with the evening sun shining across the bay.

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