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Thursday, December 31, 2015

14 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 1: Touch down at Tasmania and our trip itinerary

We touched down at Melbourne airport around 7:30am.  Took a while to clear the immigration.  After we collected our luggage, we went to a cafe for some snacks and coffee.  We then purchased a prepaid mobile broadband card from the Optus outlet before walking to the domestic terminal.

As we were still early for our flight at 11:55am, we took a rest at the transit area.  Jerlene and Javier immediately took out their tablets and played their favourite game, Minecraft.  As there were charging points all around the table, we had all our devices charged up.
This was Jerlene and Javier's first time taking a budget flight.  As such, it was also their first time walking from the terminal building, through the apron and climbing up the stairs to an aircraft.
As expected, the first thing they asked when on board the plane was "Where is the screen?".  Haha......I had to convinced them that it was just a short 1 hour flight, so just take a rest and we will be in Tasmania in no time.
In fact, the flight took slightly less than an hour.  After we touched down, I went to collect my rented car key which was just next to the baggage conveyor belt.

Following is our 12 days Tasmania Itinerary.

Day 1: Hotel Grand Chancellor, Launceston city centre, Cataract Gorge Reserve
Day 2: Marakoopa Cave at Mole Creek, Cottage at Silver Ridge Retreat, Sheffield the Town of Murals, Silver Ridge Retreat Vicinity
Day 3: Tasmazia and The Village Of Lower Crackpot, Abandoned Silver Mine, Silver Ridge by night
Day 4: Pencil Pine and Enchanted Walk, Dove Lake Walk at Cradle Mountain, Railton the Town of Topiary, Silver Ridge Farm animals
Day 5: Tasmanian Opium Poppies, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Mayfair on Cavell, Dinner by the pier, Hobart City Centre
Day 6: Salamanca Market, Bellerive Beach, Kangaroo Bluff Historic Site, Eastlands Shopping Centre, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Mount Wellington
Day 7: Farm Gate Market, MONA, Northgate Shopping Centre, Mount Nelson
Day 8: Sorell Fruit Farm, Port Arthur Historic Site Harbour Cruise, Remarkable Cave, Big 4 Safari Tent
Day 9: Big 4 Holiday Park, Port Arthur Historic Sites, Tasman Arch and Devil's Kitchen, Best Western Beachfront at Bicheno, Bicheno Blowhole, Wild Fairy Penguin
Day 10: Wineglass Bay, Binalong Bay of Fires, Bayside Inn at St Helens
Day 11: Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Parklane Motel, Centro Meadow Mews, Cataract Gorge Playground
Day 12: Flying home with a pleasant surprise

Here is our Trip Summary Video in Gangnam Style!  Enjoy!


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