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Thursday, December 31, 2015

14 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 1: Hotel Grand Chancellor, Launceston

From Launceston Airport, it was a 30mins drive to our accommodation for the first night, Hotel Grand Chancellor.  It was one of the better hotels in Launceston, which is near to city centre as well as city park.
The hotel room has two double beds which is excellent for a family of four like us.
Across the road is Holy Trinity Anglican Church and below is the view from our room.
In the evening around 5:30pm, there were many teenagers wearing suit and gown walking into the hotel on a red carpet.  These teenagers came in all sorts of vehicles such as limousine, monster truck, vintage car, tractor, sports car etc.
Initially, I thought they were celebrities.  But after realising that they were just teenagers, I suspect they were probably here for their prom night.
If what I suspect is true, I must say that their prom night is a lot more grand than our prom night in Singapore.

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