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Thursday, December 31, 2015

17 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 4: Pencil Pine Fall and Enchanted Walks at Cradle Mountain

We spent most of the time today at Cradle Mountain, which is situated in the heart of the 1.4 million hectare Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.  The drive from Silver Ridge to Cradle Mountain is about 45 mins.  As we were approaching Cradle Mountain, we noticed that most of the trees were bare.  

We then went to the visitor centre to purchase our park pass which includes unlimited shuttle rides to and from various walking trails.  We took the shuttle and alighted at the Interpretation Center where several easier walks are located.  The first walk we took was the Pencil Pine Falls and Rainforest Walk.  It is a short, wheelchair accessible circuit through mature pencil pine/myrtle rainforest, suitable for all ages.  Javier decided to lead the way.
The walk overlooks Pencil Pine Falls where we took a short rest.
Can you see the rainbow in the photo below?
We completed the walk in about 20 mins.  Right across the road, we came to the Enchanted Walk.
This is another easy walk suitable for all ages.
The walk takes us through a strange and beautiful forest complete with the quite surreally beautiful old rainforest with its moss-covered trees.
Below seems to be wombat burrows.
Walking in this forest gave me the feeling that I'm in one of the ancient forest scenes in the movie "Lord of the Ring".
At the end of our slow 30 mins walk, we came to a beautiful pond and a small water fall.
Next, we will be taking the shuttle to the amazing Dove Lake.

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