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Thursday, December 31, 2015

19 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 6: Bellerive Beach

Prior to this trip, I've promised to bring Jerlene and Javier to at least one beach in Tasmania.  After doing some research on the internet, we realized that there are a few beaches in the suburb city of Clarence.  Bellerive Beach is a short 20 mins drive Salamanca Market and so off we went.
Bellerive Beach extends for 1.2 km between Second and Kangaroo bluffs. It faces due south down the Derwent and receives very low swell, which maintains a moderate gradient often cusped reflective beach. It is backed by a narrow tree-lined reserve then houses with the Bellerive Oval (a stadium) behind the western end.
After spending about 45 mins on the beach, we spent another 30 mins at a playground outside of the stadium.
Somehow kids will never have enough of playground.  They can just go on and on if you allow.  :-)

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