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Thursday, December 31, 2015

21 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 8: Port Arthur Historic Site Harbour Cruise

The drive from Sorell to Port Arthur took about an hour.  We drove directly to Port Arthur Historic Site which is a must see attraction for anyone who visits Port Arthur.
Port Arthur Historic Site Entry admission pass allows us to visit the site for two consecutive days.  It also includes a 45 mins introductory site tour and a 30 mins harbour cruise tour.  As it was already 3pm when we reached, we only had time for one of the tours.  The site staff suggested to us to go on the introductory tour at 3:30pm today and if we missed the harbour cruise tour at 4:30pm, we can come back the next day.

Every visitor receives a playing card depicting one Port Arthur Convict. As we move through the Convict Gallery, we discover clues about the identity and life story of that person. Then see how they might have spent their time at Port Arthur,  Jerlene and Javier trying to locate the young convicts depicted by their cards.  This is a good way to keep the kids busy and interested.
We then left the gallery and gathered at the starting point of the introductory tour.  After following the tour group for about 20 mins, we decided to go on our own because the kids got very bored with all the talking by the tour guide about the history of Port Arthur.
At that point, we decided to change our plan.  We went for the harbour cruise tour and will return the next day to explore the rest of the site.
Below is the ferry, MV Marana, that we were on during the harbour cruise tour.
We all had a relaxed time inside the cruise........
......and outside of the cruise.
The MV Marana took us past the Dockyard (below), the Isle of the Dead Cemetery and the Point Puer Boys’ Prison.  The on board guide provided commentary, introducing the visitors to the maritime history of Port Arthur.
We were on the upper deck of the cruise.  As we returned to the main site, it was already 5pm.

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