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Thursday, December 31, 2015

22 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 9: Bicheno Blowhole and Sealife Centre

As it's still bright and sunny at 6:30pm, we decided to explore Bicheno Blowhole before having our dinner.  This blowhole is just a 5 mins drive from our accommodation and is so much better than the one at Port Arthur which we had visited earlier of the day.
Not only did the water shoot up to a great height, we can also get very close to it.
Here's a video showing the amazing blowhole as well as Jerlene and Javier dancing in front of it.
Take a closer look at the following photo.  There are 3 people in it.  ;-)
We spent about half an hour here before heading to Sealife Centre for our dinner.
Sealife Centre is located by the shore facing Waubs Bay.  It is just across a road from our accommodation, Best Western Beachfront.
Following were what we had for our dinner.  Yummy!!!

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