Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, January 31, 2016

2 Feb 2016 - Javier 2, Daddy 0 (Not my day)

While on our way to school this morning...

Javier:"Daddy, I can count from one to one thousand."
Daddy:"Ok good.....but everyone also can count what......"
Javier:"Even baby can?"
Daddy:"Baby of course cannot lah."
Javier:"Then why you say EVERYONE also can?!!?!?"

Then on our way home in the evening...

Javier:"Daddy, why do we have to go to school?"
Daddy:"So that you will learn new things."
Javier:"Can old people go to school also?"
Daddy:"Of course, we can go to school anytime we want."
Javier:"Even when people die?"

I decided to keep my mouth shut for today.

30 Jan 2016 - Basketball session

We recently bought two basketballs as we intend to make it a regular session every Saturday morning.  We bought one smaller sized basketball suitable for children of Javier's age and the other the normal size.  Jerlene used the normal sized basketball and managed to score regularly from around the net.
Though Javier used the smaller ball, he still find it difficult to score.  Having said that, he managed to get a few lucky shots.

28 Jan 2016 - Javier's art and craft class

Javier and his classmates had an art and craft lesson today.  Parents were invited to help out during the class.  However due to work commitment, I was unable to do so.  Other mommies were kind enough to snap a few shots of Javier doing painting in class.

25 Jan 2016 - ColdStone Ice Cream

We brought Jerlene and Javier to ColdStone for ice cream after dinner as today is Jerlene's actual birthday.  We bought a birthday basket ice cream and they enjoyed it thoroughly.
Once again, Happy 9th Birthday, Jerlene!

24 Jan 2016 - Celebrating Jerlene's ninth birthday

Jerlene will turn 9 years old tomorrow.  We decided to celebrate her ninth birthday today (Sunday).  Nine years seems to have passed incredibly fast.  My pretty baby is now a sweet young lady.  It also means that I have blogged for 9 full years.  When I first started to blog, I had never imagined that I could do it for such a long time.  It's probably due to the strength and wonderful moments given to me by my little princess and prince.  As long as I could still type on a keyboard, I will not stop blogging about them.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY GIRL!  Love you always!

24 Jan 2016 - All ready for Wushu (武术)

My kungfu kid all ready to attend his Wushu class in his new Wushu attire.  Let's see when he can "一个打十个"!  Haha........
I think Javier looks good in his Wushu attire.

23 Jan 2016 - Breaststroke getting better and better

Jerlene is getting better at her breaststroke and Javier, with his determination, is also improving.  Well done kids!
Before the lesson ended, they had a few rounds of swim start.

17 Jan 2016 - Javier's first Taekwando grading

After 3 months of Taekwando lessons, Javier finally went through his first grading examination at Toa Payoh Sports Hub.  Before going into the examination hall, they gathered outside to do some warm up and practice.
Taekwando grading is held every 3 months (Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct).  If Javier passed today's grading, he will be promoted to white belt with yellow tip.  For those who perform extremely well, they may get double promotion and get their yellow belt straightaway.
Take a look at how Javier practise and perform during the grading.

10 Jan 2016 - Javier joined Wushu (武术) class

Javier attended his first Wushu (武术) lesson at Rosyth School today.  He had earlier said that he did not want to join the class but after this first lesson, his thinking had a 360° change.  Now he's telling me it's more fun than Taekwando.  When I asked if he wanted to give up Taekwando then, his answer was "I LIKE BOTH"!
Let's see what they did in class.....

9 Jan 2016 - Practicing Taekwando Kick

In today's Taekwando lesson, Javier started practising some very basic kicks.  He really enjoyed the class.
Let's see how he did.......

7 Jan 2016 - Short visit to Health Zone at HPB

Parents were not allowed into the school starting today.  Javier was holding Jerlene's hand as they entered the school gate.
This afternoon, Javier had a dental appointment at School Dental Clinic (HPB).  It was a regular check on his maintainer.  After the appointment, we had a quick bite at the cafe on level 1.  Javier suddenly realized this place looked familiar and said he came here before.  He then brought us up an escalator and rushed to a glass door with the sign "Health Zone".  It was about 4pm then while this place closed at 5pm.  As the admission fee was pretty cheap ($1.50 per child, $3.00 per adult), I decided to bring them in to play for an hour.  The admission fee also includes a packet of milk.
As it was weekday, the place was totally empty.  We were the only people inside Health Zone and did not have to queue for any activity.
Both Jerlene and Javier had been to Health Zone when they were in Kindergarten.  I'm surprised that there is such a fun place in Health Promotion Board.  It was like a mini science centre.  Watch this video of all the fun things that they played.

6 Jan 2016 - Day 3 of school

Today was the last day when parents were allowed in the school to view their P1 children.  I managed to capture moments of Jerlene and Javier at a different angle in the canteen.
This location was much better because it's closer to them.
Another video of Jerlene and Javier in school.

5 Jan 2016 - Second day in school and back home with a pleasant surprise

The programme for second day of school was pretty much the same as day one.  After briefing for the parents in ISH, we went up to the canteen during recess for "viewing".   :-)
Whenever Javier saw me around, he'll try to hide, unlike Jerlene.....
Jerlene and Javier on their way home from student care while a pleasant surprise was waiting for them.
If you have seen one of my earlier posts of our Tasmania trip, you would know that Jerlene and Javier had sent a letter to Santa.  And to our surprise, we received a reply from Santa all the way from Hobart!
Jerlene and Javier can't wait to open up their letters and were extremely excited.
Below is the content of the letters.  Though no real present, the letter itself had created much excitement to them.  Thanks to Northgate Shopping Centre in Hobart for such a pleasant surprise!

4 Jan 2016 - First day of school in Rosyth

It's the first day of school today whereby Javier will embark on his primary school education while Jerlene will be a buddy of newcomers in Rosyth School.  We all got to wake up real early.  For the first 3 days, parents are allowed to be in school attending briefings as well as viewing their kids during recess time.
P1 students assembled at the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) with parents seated behind them.
After a short briefing by the school principal, the students went to their respective classroom while parents stayed back for more briefings.
When it's about recess time, we went to a designated area in the canteen to view how our kids buy and eat their food with their buddy there to help.  There are 2 sessions of recess and it so happened that both Jerlene and Javier are in the same session.  I managed to capture some short moments of both Javier and Jerlene in the canteen.
After school, Javier proceeded to Knowledge Park, which is the student care within the school compound.  He will be there till evening, same for Jerlene.
At the end of the school, Javier said school was fun, which I am glad to hear.  Hopefully he will feel this way throughout his school life.  :-)

1 Jan 2016 - Happy 2016 to everyone!

At the stroke of midnight, messages of well wishes from families and friends started flowing in to our smartphones and various social media platform to welcome the New Year!  Below are some of the messages that I've received.
As usual, we were at our roof terrace watching fireworks from all directions at midnight.
Let's hope 2016 is a good year for everyone.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!