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Sunday, January 31, 2016

5 Jan 2016 - Second day in school and back home with a pleasant surprise

The programme for second day of school was pretty much the same as day one.  After briefing for the parents in ISH, we went up to the canteen during recess for "viewing".   :-)
Whenever Javier saw me around, he'll try to hide, unlike Jerlene.....
Jerlene and Javier on their way home from student care while a pleasant surprise was waiting for them.
If you have seen one of my earlier posts of our Tasmania trip, you would know that Jerlene and Javier had sent a letter to Santa.  And to our surprise, we received a reply from Santa all the way from Hobart!
Jerlene and Javier can't wait to open up their letters and were extremely excited.
Below is the content of the letters.  Though no real present, the letter itself had created much excitement to them.  Thanks to Northgate Shopping Centre in Hobart for such a pleasant surprise!

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