Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, February 28, 2016

28 Feb 2016 - Learning to cycle on 2 wheels

Jerlene starts to learn cycling on two wheels today.  Though still unable to balance well, she kept trying.  With her determination and our encouragement, I'm sure she can achieve her objective soon.  加油!

23 Feb 2016 - It's Art and Craft again

Javier had another Art and Craft lesson in school today.  Thanks to the other mommies who share these photos taken during the class.  School life seems to be a lot more fun now compared to those days during my time.

20 Feb 2016 - Lion Dance CNY 2016

Chinese New Year will be bored without Lion Dance.  It not only boost up everyone's festive mood, it may also bring luck to some.  :-)
This year, the kids were having fun dancing around with the lion.  It's fun watching them trying to snatch fruits from the lion's mouth.
As usual, at the end of the performance, a lucky 4D number will "appear"!  Huat ah!
Here's a video of the lion dance with the kids having so much fun.

17 Feb 2016 - Thinking out of the box?

Usually when parents see their kids got all their answers wrong in a test paper, they will most likely get angry and start questioning their kids what happen.  Today Javier showed me his maths test paper.  The moment I saw the first question, I got a shock because it was all wrong!  However after I took a second look, I do not know whether I should scold him or praise him instead.

Take a look at the question below and Javier's answers to it.  His answers are in the rectangular boxes.  Ignore those in the brackets as they were corrections.
Javier was supposed to write the numbers in words (eg. one for the number 1, two for the number 2, so on and so forth).  Instead, Javier wrote two for 1, four for 3, five for 4 etc.  When I asked him why he answered this way, he insisted that he was correct.  His explanation is that the question is asking them to write the following numbers in words.  So he said to me:"Isn't the following number for 1 is two? And following number for 3 is four? and so on..........."

After hearing his explanation, I can't help but LOL!  How can I fault him even if he got it all wrong?  In fact, I must say that he was actually not entirely wrong.  I am not sure if he's thinking too much or he's just thinking out of the box.  I wondered how his teacher felt when she marked this question and saw Javier's answers......haha..........

16 Feb 2016 - Art and Craft Class

Javier's class had an Art and Craft lesson today.  They used crayons to colour paper plates.  They were told to bring an extra clothing or an apron so that they don't dirty their school shirt.
They seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Parents were invited to be volunteers in this class but I'm unable to take time off from my work.  These photos were taken by other parents.  :-)

14 Dec 2016 - Valentine's Day cum Birthdays cum CNY Family Gathering

There was much to celebrate today.  Firstly it is Valentine's Day (情人节).  Then it is the 7th day of Chinese New Year which we called 人日 (aka birthday of all mankind).  And also, it was my mom's and my birthday in the coming week.  As such, we had a family gathering and a mini birthday celebration.

14 Feb 2016 - Practising Endurance (扎马步)

Javier showing us how long he can 扎马步.

13 Feb 2016 - Black-naped Oriole

On our way to the basketball court this morning, we saw a beautiful Black-naped Oriole resting under the shade in the park.  Jerlene and Javier tried to get closer but the bird flew away when they were about 3 metres from it.

8 Feb 2016 - Getting ready to go 拜年