Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, March 31, 2016

31 Mar 2016 - A little birthday celebration for our little prince

We brought Javier to Prima Deli at Hougang One where he chose his own birthday cake.  As usual, he selected one with strawberries and marshmallows on it.  For him, it's strictly no chocolate.
Happy 7th Birthday, Javier!  Hope you enjoyed the day!
The little girl next door, who is same age as Javier, also joined in the celebration.  :-)

31 Mar 2016 - Having fun at Skyhigh Trampoline Park

Today is Javier's birthday.  Few days back, he told me excitedly that there will be a celebration in his student care today for all the March babies.  However, when I asked if he prefers to go to a trampoline park instead, he immediately said "YES"!!!!

There are several trampoline parks in Singapore and we went to the one nearest to our place.  It's called Skyhigh Trampoline Park at Burghley Lifestyle Hub in Serangoon Garden.  As it's a weekday, there were not many people there.
Jumping on the trampoline is not as easy as it seems.  I tried to do some "stunts" and ended up with a few abrasions......sigh........  After 10 mins of jumping, I already started to have "jelly" legs but the kids can simply go on and on.  Really envious of their unlimited energy.
We had an hour of super fun time jumping around.  After which, we went to a nearby cafe "Little Wimbly Lu" to have ice cream, waffles, pancakes and drinks.

31 Mar 2016 - Jerlene gave Javier a surprise

After fetching the kids home from school today, Javier was very excited to show me something wrapped in papers.  It was a birthday present from his jie jie, Jerlene!  He was so happy and can't wait to go home to open up the present.
The present consists of two ping pong balls, one highlighter, a pencil and a pen.  What touches my heart is that Jerlene actually saved up on her pocket money for the past one week in order to buy these items from the school bookshop.  Jerlene, you are such a good sister!  Well done!

27 Mar 2016 - Such a rare scene

I witnessed a rare scene tonight with Jerlene and Javier sitting side by side in the living room.  They were actually working together on an activity book.  What surprised me is that they did not quarrel or scream at each other while working together.  This is extremely rare.  Hope they can behave like that more often though I know it's quite hard.........  :-P

27 Mar 2016 - Nice split, Javier!

While waiting for the lift this morning, Javier surprised me by doing a perfect split.  I remember he cannot do it previously but now he can do it with ease.  Seems like his Taekwando and Wushu classes have greatly helped to improve in his flexibility.  Good job, my boy!

25 Mar 2016 - Birthday party at Explorer Kids @ AMK Hub

Nowadays, more and more parents are willing to splash money on their kids by organizing birthday parties at places such as MacDonalds or some indoor playground.  Almost every month, Jerlene or Javier will receive invitation to birthday parties by their classmates.  Today, Javier attended his classmate's birthday party at Explorer Kids @ AMK Hub.  There will be more to come.

24 Mar 2016 - Another visit to Health Zone @ HPB

Javier had a dental appointment this afternoon at School Dental Clinic.  Coincidentally, the student care was also closed today so I took half day off to pick them up from school.  We went for lunch at Ci Yuan CC, then went home to change before driving down to Health Promotion Board.  As the appointment was quite late, we planned to go there early to visit Health Zone.
Below were some workout activities that they did during the one hour that we spent there.
Today's dental appointment was to replace Javier's temporary tooth maintainer to a permanent one.  However, when the dentist tried to put the maintainer onto Javier's tooth, she realized that it was too loose.  As such, she had to send it back to the lab for adjustment.  This also means that we will have to return for another appointment in a few weeks time.

20 Mar 2016 - New home for the terrapins

As our two terrapins grow bigger in size, we need to move them to a bigger home.  At the same time, we bought a "Turtle Pier" to be setup in their new home so that they can do their usual "sun tanning".  Javier had gladly requested to help.  :-)
Looks like the terrapins are enjoying their new home.

18 Mar 2016 - Watching Disney On Ice

We had a surprise for Jerlene and Javier this evening.  They knew that we were bringing them out to watch "something" but never did they expect that it was "Disney on Ice"!!!!  They were exhilarating when they knew it.  We reached Singapore Indoor Stadium 15 minutes before the show started.
We were seated just a few rows from the front which was pretty close to the performance ice rink.
The show started at 7:30pm sharp though there were still people streaming in from the back entrance.
There was a break in the middle of the show and we went to the front to buy popcorn and candy floss.
When the show restarted, everyone, especially the kids, went "crazy" when the casts of "Frozen" appeared on stage!
Here's a compilation of some of the performances from several popular Disney's animation such as "The Little Mermaid", "Tangled", "Beauty and the Beast" and last but not the least "FROZEN"!  When Elsa started singing "Let it go", the entire audience sang it together.  What an atmosphere.

13 Mar 2016 - Watching Kung Fu Panda 3

One week school holiday has started.  Today we brought Jerlene and Javier out to watch Kung Fu Panda 3.  It was a great movie and we all love it!

13 Mar 2016 - The young Kungfu master

Last night Javier showed me his Taekwando moves.  This morning before going for his Wushu class, he again asked me to go up to our roof terrace where he showed me his Wushu moves.  As the sun was very glaring, he did it with his eyes closed!  Haha........
And here's a 7 secs clip.

12 Mar 2016 - Showing off his Taekwando moves

Before Javier went for his Taekwando class this evening, he asked me to follow him quietly up to our roof terrace.  After making sure Jerlene did not follow us up, he started showing me his Taekwando moves.
Here's a short clip of his "performance".

12 Mar 2016 - Grade 1 Ballet Examination

Jerlene went for her Grade 1 Ballet Examination this morning.  After one year of practising and coaching from her teacher, I'm sure the Jerlene and her classmates can do well in the exam.  Her leotard changes from pink to dark blue this time round.  And she got to tie a ribbon on her ballet shoes in a specific way.
Here are the three Ballerina taking the grade 1 exam.  All the best, girls!  :-)

9 Mar 2016 - Solar Eclipse

There was a Solar Eclipse event this morning.  I tried taking a photo of it but it's too bright.  Will probably need a good sun filter to take a proper shot.
However in the following photo, somehow there was a reflection on the lens showing the sun in a crescent.

8 Mar 2016 - My mini orchid blooms again!

This pot of mini Orchid has been with us for more than 10 years.  And it's still going strong.......even without our tender loving care.  :-P

8 Mar 2016 - Practising new moves learnt from Taekwando and Wushu classes

As the post subject says.........
I can actually see improvement in his moves, especially the strength used and balancing.  Keep it up, Javier!

8 Mar 2016 - Anniversary lunch

Today is International Women's Day.  At the same time, it's also our anniversary.  We had our lunch at a Korean restaurant called Yoogane at Bugis Junction.  It is one of the most popular and best Chicken Galbi restaurants in Korea.  We ordered the Seafood and Chicken Galbi.  The following photos show the before and after mixing with their unique sauces and seasoning.
It was a great lunch and taste real good.  As we had a $15 voucher after paying using a UOB credit card, we will be back within the next 3 months.

After lunch, we went to Unravel, an Escape Room that Uniquely Singapore.  The room that we played is called "The Wish" and it's based on a story related to The Old Ford Factory along Upper Bukit Timah Road.  We ended our program with Popcorn Ice Cream from Sweet Monster.

6 Mar 2016 - Thosai and Putu Mayam

Javier used to order "Special Paper Prata with Sugar and Milk" for lunch at the Prata Shop.  Recently, he has switched to "Plain Thosai", which is mommy's favourite.
As for Jerlene, she has been switching between "Egg Prata" and "Putu Mayam", which is my favourite when I was a kid.  :-)