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Thursday, March 31, 2016

18 Mar 2016 - Watching Disney On Ice

We had a surprise for Jerlene and Javier this evening.  They knew that we were bringing them out to watch "something" but never did they expect that it was "Disney on Ice"!!!!  They were exhilarating when they knew it.  We reached Singapore Indoor Stadium 15 minutes before the show started.
We were seated just a few rows from the front which was pretty close to the performance ice rink.
The show started at 7:30pm sharp though there were still people streaming in from the back entrance.
There was a break in the middle of the show and we went to the front to buy popcorn and candy floss.
When the show restarted, everyone, especially the kids, went "crazy" when the casts of "Frozen" appeared on stage!
Here's a compilation of some of the performances from several popular Disney's animation such as "The Little Mermaid", "Tangled", "Beauty and the Beast" and last but not the least "FROZEN"!  When Elsa started singing "Let it go", the entire audience sang it together.  What an atmosphere.

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