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Thursday, March 31, 2016

24 Mar 2016 - Another visit to Health Zone @ HPB

Javier had a dental appointment this afternoon at School Dental Clinic.  Coincidentally, the student care was also closed today so I took half day off to pick them up from school.  We went for lunch at Ci Yuan CC, then went home to change before driving down to Health Promotion Board.  As the appointment was quite late, we planned to go there early to visit Health Zone.
Below were some workout activities that they did during the one hour that we spent there.
Today's dental appointment was to replace Javier's temporary tooth maintainer to a permanent one.  However, when the dentist tried to put the maintainer onto Javier's tooth, she realized that it was too loose.  As such, she had to send it back to the lab for adjustment.  This also means that we will have to return for another appointment in a few weeks time.

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