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Saturday, April 30, 2016

1 Apr 2016 - Adventure Cove Waterpark @ RW Sentosa

Today, we had another surprise for the Jerlene and Javier.  We brought them to Adventure Cove Waterpark at Resort World Sentosa.  The park opens at 10am and we were there around that time.  As we did not know that outside food is not allowed in the park, the staff at the entrance refused to let us in.  They advised us to store our tit bits at the lockers outside but that will cost us $8 which we do not think it's worth it.  Mommy decided to bring it back to our car while Jerlene, Javier and I went into the park first.

The best place to store our stuff is the locker located at the centre of the park.  Before getting ourselves wet, we applied sunscreen as usual.
There are quite a number of water slides around but Javier just missed out on the height restriction by a few cm.  As such, we only went to those "less thrilled" slides.  Below Big Bucket Tree House slide is one of them.
I personally was excited about the Rainbow Reef station where we were able to snorkel over colourful rainbow reef and get up close with thousands of marine fishes.  Mommy and Javier attempted initially but gave up after a while because they got choked by the "sea" water due to their cough.  Jerlene and me managed to complete the session successfully.  I went for a second round and this time, I tried to capture what I saw under water.......
After I've done with my first ever underwater videography, I went over to the Bluwater Bay wave pool to reunite with my family.  This particular wave pool has the strongest wave that I had ever experienced.  Although we all had our life jacket on, the waves still managed to submerged us, especially the kids.  Javier had been shouting for help on a number of occasions.  Having said that, both Jerlene and Javier still kept wanting to go back to the waves.
Other than the waves pool, we enjoyed the Adventure River the most.  This lazy river brought us through many stunning scenes including jungle garden, mysterious grotto, underwater tunnel with marine fishes swimming all around you and come up close with the Rays.  You can ride down the river on a tube and simply with a life jacket.
It was so relaxed and fun, so much so that in total, we flowed through the river at least 5-6 times.  Enjoy the following video showing some of the scenes as we floated through the river.
We had a superb day at Adventure Cove where we had so much fun.  Will definitely be back one of these days.

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