Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, July 31, 2016

19 Jul 2016 - Javier's learning journey to the zoo

As part of the school's learning journey, Javier and his class went to the zoo today.  He was very excited when we sent him to school this morning.
During the trip, the kids were given a booklet with some assignment.  While they were watching the animal show, they were supposed take notes.
As usual, at the end of the trip, the class took a group photos with teachers and parent volunteers.  Thanks to the parents who took these wonderful photos.

17 Jul 2016 - "Under the Sea X Les Stlphides" Concert by Classical Dance Studio

The ballet concert, which we had been looking forward to, was held at Hwi Yoh CC, Jalan Kayu Hall at 4pm today.  Jerlene had been there since 1pm to do all the preparation work.
We entered the performance hall at around 3:45pm.  The concert theme is "Under the Sea X Les Sylphides".
Here's a video of Jerlene's first public ballet performance, "Mermaids".
After the concert, all ballerinas took photos on stage.  Well done, "little mermaids"!
And following is a group photo of everyone performing in the concert.  What a wonderful performance and thanks to everyone, including the teachers and parents, who had put in so much effort in organizing this concert.  I must say it's all well worth it!  Thumbs up!

17 Jul 2016 - Taekwando Grading at Woodlands Sports Hall

Javier took part in his third Taekwando grading session today.  Previously the grading was conducted at Toa Payoh Sports Complex.  However, this time it was held at Woodlands Sport Hall, which is a lot further.  As Jerlene got to prepare for her concert this afternoon, I accompanied Javier by myself to the grading examination.  Let's have a wefie outside the Sports Hall!
Before the grading started, the class had their warm up and practice session at the stadium next door.
We entered the Sports Hall 15 mins before the allocated time.
Javier and his class executed all the moves quite smoothly so should not have any issue promoting to the next grade.
Here's a short clip of their grading session.

16 Jul 2016 - Full dress rehearsal on eve of concert

Tomorrow is the actual ballet concert.  So tonight, there was a final full dress rehearsal at the actual venue.
The concert theme is "Under the Sea" and Jerlene's performance item is "Mermaids".  We simply love her costumes.
The girls were all ready to put up a good show.  Looking forward to the concert tomorrow!  :-)

16 Jul 2016 - Dolphin Series 1 Swimming Test

Jerlene and Javier took their first ever swimming test today at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.  So far, all their swimming lessons had been conducted at our condo pool, which does not have a full Olympic sized pool length.  As such, I'm worried that they may have challenges completing one full lap.  But with their determination to pass the examination, they did it.
If they passed this examination, they will be getting the Dolphin 1 award issued by the Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA), which is the world’s largest independent swimming teaching and lifesaving organisation.

9 Jul 2016 - First Rehearsal of an upcoming Ballet Concert

There is going to be a ballet concert soon where Jerlene and her classmates will be performing in one of the concert programme.  Today they had their first rehearsal on the actual stage.  This will be Jerlene's first public performance since she started taking up ballet.  Can't wait to watch her perform in the actual concert.  :-)

7 Jul 2016 - Javier's first trip on MRT in SG

Few days back, Javier's tooth maintainer dropped off.  We quickly made an urgent appointment with his dentist at HPB.  During lunch, I rushed to his school to pick him up and send him to HPB.  I went back to office when mommy reached there and took over.  After the appointment, Javier and mommy took a MRT ride back and this was Javier's first trip on MRT in Singapore.  :-)

3 Jul 2016 - Having fun with table tennis

Ever since Javier had his first taste of table tennis experience last year, he had always wanted to try it again.  So today while waiting for Jerlene who went for her ballet practice, we decided to have a table tennis session at a HDB void deck nearby.
Though Javier was having a hard time hitting the ping pong ball over the net, he was still having lots of fun.
The following short clip shows it all.

2 Jul 2016 - Family Funtimes Carnival

There was a poolside carnival at our place this afternoon.  This is an annual event organized by the estate management.
Jerlene and Javier went down to get free popcorn and ice cream.