Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Friday, September 30, 2016

28 Sep 2016 - Dough Making

Javier received a set of Playing Dough as present from his classmate who celebrated birthday in school.  After dinner, Javier allowed Jerlene to play with it.  She started making characters using the dough.  What is the hottest character recently?
It's PIKACHU!  :-)

24 Sep 2016 - New occupant in our "garden"

Our 富贵花 finally showed sign of blooming.  A number of buds can be seen growing from different parts of the stem.
The below pot is supposed to be Chilli plant.  However, looking at the long pod below, it doesn't seem to be like Chilli.  Anyone can advise what plant it is?  Btw the flower is purple in colour,
While showing our TLC to the plants, we saw a few new "occupants" settling themselves down among the plants.  Can you spot one of them below?  Enlarge the picture if you cannot find it.  :-)

22 Sep 2016 - What do you see?

When we walked home this evening, we saw the following sign board.  All of us, except Javier, simply saw the letter "D" in the word "CHILDREN" fell off the board.  What Javier saw was totally different.  Javier actually asked:"Daddy, how come the word "BBQ" is wearing a Chef Hat now?"
Javier always think and see things differently from the norm.  Is he being too imaginative or too creative?  Do you see the same thing as Javier did or you belong to the norm?  :-P

14 Sep 2016 - Term 4 Class Monitor

Javier has been appointed as Class Monitor for Term 4.  During Term 3, he actually went for a half day training for Class Monitor.  Finally he's able to put those knowledge and skill learnt during the training into practice.  He told me his main task is to take care of the class when the teacher is away.
Javier, I believe you can do a good job and be a role model for your class!  加油!

11 Sep 2016 - JEMS and WestGate

In the evening, we drove from Chinese Gardens to JEMS and WestGate area for dinner.  We have not been to the west side for some years and it has changed quite a lot.  Our dinner venue was Crystal Jade Kitchen.

After dinner, we passed by an outdoor playground where there is a huge tree house.  Jerlene and Javier had an enjoyable time exploring the tree house.
While the kids were running around the playground, there were lots of adults sitting around busy tapping on their mobile devices.  Reason being there is a Pokemon Gym right at the playground......

11 Sep 2016 - A visit to Chinese and Japanese Gardens

From some articles on the internet, we read that the Chinese and Japanese Gardens are good places to hunt for rare Pokemons.  After lunch, we decided to go there and take a look.
It had been a while since I last visited this place but this was Jerlene's and Javier's first.
There are many Pokestops in the gardens but not many had lures.  Quite disappointing.
Though the building structures in this place still looks pretty familiar to me, the visitors around seems to have changed a lot.  All around the gardens, we mainly saw foreign workers and domestic helpers having picnic.
Jerlene and Javier went around the gardens on their skate scooters while poor daddy and mommy got to walk under the hot sun.
We spent around 2 hours in the gardens.  For those who thought this place is a nesting place for some rare Pokemons, my advice is "think twice".  :-P

10 Sep 2016 - Some of our plants collection

 Moss Rose

10 Sep 2016 - Dark Cloud Formation

The moment right before the storm started......

4 Sep 2016 - Annual Funch Group Gathering

The original plan for our annual Funch Group gathering this year was to have a BBQ session at East Coast Park followed by camping overnight.  However, due to the recent outbreak of Zika virus, we last minute decided to change our plan to have a roof top BBQ instead.  Before the group arrived, I did some preparation including setting up the BBQ pits and seating area.
We ordered our food from BBQ Wholesale.  Quality is still there but it seems like the quantity had reduced.  Adults were working hard at the roof while the kids were mainly playing Wii and Xbox downstairs in the living room.
Before dismissal, the kids gathered to take a group photo.  Cheese.........
Looking forward to our next gathering.

3 Sep 2016 - Dolphin 1 Swimming Certificate

Jerlene and Javier did their swimming examination in July and they finally received their certificate today.  Congratulation, Kids!  Well Done!
Obtaining this certificate means that they could do the following:
1) Perform a straddle entry from the poolside
2) Swim 50 metres
3) Tread water for 3 minutes
4) Swim 100 metres
5) Find a floatable object in deep water and adopt the H.E.L.P. position for 2 minutes
6) Climb out of the pool from deep water without assistance

They can now progress to Dolphin 2 Award.

3 Sep 2016 - Early Morning Basketball Session

It has been a while since we last played basketball.  This morning, we decided to have an early morning session.  It's a good workout to start off the weekend.

2 Sep 2016 - The Secret Life of Pets

It's the start of a week long September school holiday.  We went for a movie "The Secret Life of Pets", which we loved so much.  :-)