Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Monday, October 31, 2016

31 Oct 2016 - Studying and working at clubhouse

It's school holiday today due to Deepavali falling on last Sat.  This afternoon, Jerlene and Javier went down to the clubhouse to study for their exams.  It was so warm at home and worse still, there was renovation going on which was so noisy.  The clubhouse is so much more conducive for study, and furthermore, there is "free" air-conditioner and wifi.  :-)
The kids were studying while I had some office work to do.


30 Oct 2016 - Should I mark it wrong?

Jerlene and Javier are having examination these two weeks.  Today I gave them a few assessment papers to do.  When I was marking a Maths paper done by Javier, I came across the following.  Just look at question 1.  Now tell me, should I mark it correct or wrong?
He actually calculated how much it will be with 70 five cent coins.  Official answer is 75¢.

29 Oct 2016 - Our plants started to bear fruits!

We were excited to see that our plants started to bear fruits.  Did you see the chilli below?
What about the lime in the following photo?
Our ginger is also growing well.  Now I know how ginger plant and leaves look like.
Finally, below is our Holy Basil.  :-)

28 Oct 2016 - Celebrating Halloween in KPE

Halloween is just round the corner.  Jerlene and her classmates in Knowledge Park Student Care had some fun this afternoon making "ghost" paper strips and lanterns.  Glad that they are enjoying themselves in school.

23 Oct 2016 - Frog Leg Porridge

Other than Prata, Pizza and Chicken Rice, Jerlene and Javier also fell in love with Frog Leg Porridge.  They surprised us by finishing one big bowl of porridge each.  Looks how satisfied they were!  :-)

16 Oct 2016 - Taekwando Grading at Ang Mo Kio ITE Sports Hall

This round of Taekwando grading was held at Ang Mo Kio ITE Sports Hall.  As usual, the class did some warm up and practice outside of the Sports Hall before the grading started.  We were a bit concern with Javier because he was not feeling well earlier.  However, he insisted to participate in the grading.  Good fighting spirit, Javier!  That's my boy!
Below is the Sports Hall where the grading was conducted.
Javier had made it through the examination.  Well done!
As this is the first time we visited AMK ITE campus, we decided to take a look around.
We were surprised to see a real helicopter, a fighter jet and a Boeing 737 aircraft in a hangar.  I believe they are meant for students taking the lesson in aerospace technology.

15 Oct 2016 - Celebrating Taekwando Instructor's Birthday

Javier and his Taekwando classmates celebrated their instructor's birthday after their lesson tonight.  They were all not in Taekwando attire because tomorrow will be their grading examination.  The attire must be kept clean and fresh.  All the best to ALL!

15 Oct 2016 - Backstroke and Butterfly

Jerlene and Javier can now swim Backstroke quite proficiently during lesson.
In fact, they started learning Butterfly since last week and Jerlene already has a grasp of it.
Here's a video of their progress so far.
I better buck up or else Jerlene and Javier will soon out swim me.  :-)

15 Oct 2016 - Breakfast and Pokemon Hunting at Changi Village

This morning, we had our breakfast at Changi Village.  Of course, the other objective was to hunt for Pokemon.  Magneton and Charmander were some of the rare pokemons that we caught today.  From Changi Village, we walked across the bridge towards Changi Beach.
The view on the bridge was actually quite nice.
The number of Pokemon trainers here had reduced very significantly from the last time we came.  And there was hardly any lure this time.  As such, we only spent around half an hour here before returning to Changi Village.  In fact, a more popular spot was actually opposite of Village Hotel Changi where there were four Pokestops next to one another.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

14 Oct 2016 - SUMO Big Prawn Noodle

SUMO Big Prawn is a popular noodle stall at a hawker centre in Ang Mo Kio Ave 4.  It's not just an ordinary prawn noodle stall.  It is also famous for its Crayfish and Lobster noodle.
Look at the fresh lobsters in front of the stall.
We ordered one bowl of Crayfish noodle and........
......a bowl of Lobster noodle.
And what's the occasion today?  It's my lady boss's birthday!  :-)
It's a satisfying breakfast.  What a way to start the day!

9 Oct 2016 - Desert Rose (富贵花) bloom

Our Desert Rose (富贵花), which is a true beauty in the cactus world, has bloomed.  Nice!
What's more?  There are more buds growing!  :-)

9 Oct 2016 - Switching from Trombone to Erhu (二胡)

Jerlene had been telling me recently that she had lost interest in playing Trombone in the school band.  Instead, she wanted to join Chinese Orchestra.  I decided to let her try it out as it's important to join a CCA that she's interested in.  Apart from the usual practice in school, the teacher invites them to join his public class in the Community Centre on Sunday.  Jerlene started learning to play Erhu (二胡) and after the first lesson, she already knows how to play "do re mi fa so la ti do".  Not bad.  :-)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

6 Oct 2016 - Rosyth School 60th Anniversary (RS60 Day)

Rosyth School is celebrating its 60th Anniversary today.  Sad to say, I was unable to participate in this event as I had an important seminar to attend in office.  Jerlene and Javier were pretty excited because there were food and game stalls being setup by parent volunteers and alumni all around the school.  They were in a good mood and even held hands while walking to school.
Below was a map showing where the various stalls were around the school.  Jerlene and Javier had planned to visit the stalls together but due to some miscommunication, they did not get to meet up.  In the end, Jerlene went for a bus tour back to the old Rosyth School while Javier continue to go around the school looking for her......sigh......
In the afternoon, Knowledge Park also had some activities to celebrate Children's Day.  They had a dress up competition whereby Jerlene dressed up as a chef, which won her a prize.  Before dismissal, everyone received a little present.

2 Oct 2016 - Punggol Park

We decided to go outdoor today and Punggol Park was our pick.
We have passed by this park very often but this is our very first time walking in it.
There is ample space for Jerlene and Javier to skate scoot around and good thing is that there was not much crowd.
One big bonus of this outing was SNORLAX!  Yes, we caught our very first Snorlax at the bus stop nearby.  Yay!