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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

27 Nov 2016 - "凤阳花鼓" by Jerlene

Jerlene has been practising her Erhu quite diligently recently because she will be participating in a performance early next year during a Chinese New Year concert.  She seems to really enjoy playing Erhu.  Previously when she brought her Trombone home, she just left it in the corner for the entire weekend.  However, she would play her Erhu on her own every now and then.  As such the switch from playing Trombone to playing Erhu was a right decision.
Following was a CNY song called "凤阳花鼓", which will be one of the songs to be played during next year's concert.  Jerlene has improved quite tremendously in playing her Er Hu (二胡).  To be able to play like that with less than two months since picking up this skill, I must say it is a superb achievement.  Even her teacher commented that she has picked up the skill pretty fast. Keep it up, Jerlene!

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