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Friday, December 30, 2016

11 Dec 2016 - Sydney Fish Market

Our first destination today: Sydney Fish Market.  We took a train to Central station and from there, changed to Light Rail to Fish Market station.  Everyone was in a good mood.
Here we were, at Sydney Fish Market!
Lots of fresh seafood such as squids, octopus, crabs, lobsters and all sorts of fishes were on sale.  It's an eye opener for both Jerlene and Javier.
Other than selling fresh seafood, there were many stalls selling cooked seafood as well.  Most of the stalls were managed by Chinese.
We ordered a lobster combo platter with crab add-on for our lunch at one of the stalls.  :-)
After lunch, it's dessert time.  Look at all these fruits dipped in chocolate sauce!
Great start of the day at Sydney Fish Market.  Next stop:  Paddys Market

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