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Saturday, December 31, 2016

12 Dec 2016 - The Factory Outlet Centre at Birkenhead Point

From Australian Museum, we took a train to Circular Quay and planned to take a ferry ride to Birkenhead.  When we reached the pier, we were told that there is no longer ferry service to Birkenhead except by some privately owned ferry company.  We then went to a visitor centre to make an enquiry and was told to take bus service or taxi to Birkenhead.  Since we have the Opal cards, we decided to take the bus service, which is about 30-40mins journey.
Before we started our shopping, we went for lunch at the food court.
It's not easy to shop with two kids around because to them, shopping is boring.  So we have to constantly look out for things that will interest them.
Fortunately, this place is full of Kangaskhan, which kept them entertained.
Look at how many Kangaskhan we caught on that day.  :-)
The shops here close at 5pm, so we did not have sufficient time to shop and buy much.

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