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Saturday, December 31, 2016

20 Dec 2016 - Three Sisters at Echo Point, Blue Mountain

After slightly more than an hour drive from Blacktown, we reached Echo Point at Blue Mountain.
We had a spectacular view of the valley and mountain ranges from the lookout point.
Every year, millions of people come to this place for one purpose.  And that is to admire "The Three Sisters", which is Blue Mountains’ most spectacular landmark.
The Three Sisters is essentially an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to Aboriginal legend were turned to stone.
Read this if you are interested to know more about the legend.
We took tons of photos at the lookout point before driving to the nearby Katoomba town for dinner.
There were quite a number of eateries around the town and we decided to have our dinner at a Japanese restaurant.  It was one of the better Japanese meal that we have tasted so far.  After dinner, we spotted a rainbow across the road.
Before going back to our motel, Echo Point Motor Inn, we decided to return to the lookout point to have another look at the The Three Sisters and surrounding,  As the sky had already turned dark, the view was very different from what we had seen earlier.
It was actually very cooling then and we had a wonderful time enjoying the atmosphere, especially with a stick of ICE CREAM each!  :-)

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