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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

4 Mar 2017 - Chrome Dinosaur

Are you aware that there is a "hidden" game in Chrome browser when there is no Internet connection?  Being an IT Professional and a daily user of Chrome, I did not know it until today when the below happened........
Javier:"Daddy, can you turn off the Internet?"
Daddy:"Huh?  Why do you want to turn it off?  I thought you always ask for Internet connection."
Javier:"I want to play the dinosaur game."
Daddy:"Don't you need an Internet connection to play online game?"
Javier:"No, I can only play this game when there is no connection!"
Daddy:"How can it be.  What kind of game is that?"
Javier:"It's true, daddy!"

So I went over and asked him to show me.  And below was what I saw.
Now I am convinced.  In the past whenever I saw this screen that shows no Internet connection, I never thought of clicking on it.  I always treated it like a normal error page and waited "stupidly" for the Internet to come back on.  Thanks to Javier for "enlightening" me about this easter egg in Chrome Browser.  :-)