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Sunday, April 30, 2017

30 Apr 2017 - Top Students Joke

Below was a conversation between Javier and me while driving out for lunch.

Javier:  "Mummy said Nanyang, Raffles and Rosyth are some of the more popular primary schools in Singapore."
Me:  "Do you know that a few years ago, there were some top students from your school?"
Javier:  "Oh.....I think I know.  I saw their photos in my school."
Me:  "Ya....maybe it's them."
Javier:  "But they are old."
Me:  "Old?  How can it be?  It's just a few years ago.  They should still be studying."
Javier:  "Really, they look old from the photos."

Thinking of all the possibilities, I asked him.......

Me:  "Where did you see the photos in your school?"
Javier:  "On the wall in General Office."

We all burst into laughter..........

Me:  "Oh my god, they are our Singapore President and First Lady lar!!!!!"
Javier:  "Huh??  Really??"
ALL:  "Hahahahahhhhahhhahhhh!!!!!!"
Me:  "Javier, you trying to be funny, is it?!??!"

Javier gave us an evil grin.........

Joke of the day!

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