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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

28 May 2017 - Iceland Day 3: Bónus Supermarket and River Apartment, Selfoss

We ended our Golden Circle tour at Selfoss town where we spent our third night in Iceland.  As usual, we visited our favourite supermarket, Bónus, to stock up for our coming road trips in Iceland.
Our accommodation in Selfoss was River Apartment.  When we reached the front door on the apartment, we were greeted by a welcome note by the owner, Kristin.
As we entered the apartment, we were "stunned" by the beautifully designed interior.  It is definitely one of the nicest accommodation where we had stayed so far in all our trips.
There is an adequately equipped kitchen with everything we need to prepare any meal.
The dining area is right next to the kitchen with a window overlooking the river outside.
There are a double bed and a single bed in the bedroom as well as a sofa bed in the living room.
The television in the living room is huge!
We had a great river view from the living room.
The toilet is also well equipped with shower and heater.  There are even a washer and a dryer which allow us to wash and dry our clothes that we had worn in the past few days.
Below is how River Apartment looks from the outside.  The owner stays at the upper floor and she rented out the lower floor to travellers like us.
Jerlene had fun jumping on the mini trampoline as the kids had made friend with the owner, Kristin.  When she came to us for payment, she also brought along some cookies that she made herself.

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