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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

31 May 2017 - Iceland Day 6: Driving along East Fjords and Sveinsstekksfoss

Our road trip today was mainly driving along the East Fjords.  Once we drove onto the main Ring Road from Vestrahorn, we drove through a tunnel in the mountains.
At one point, we saw a red chair in the middle of nowhere.  We took a stop there and took some pictures with it.
It was a scenic coastal drive and whenever we saw a place that was worth a stop, we would take a short photo break.
There were many beautiful scenery along the way.  We saw countless ice capped mountains and clear blue lakes while driving through the Fjords.
At one of the lakes, we saw many ring-shaped structure on the water surface.  We suspect this place could be a salmon breeding farm.
At about 2pm, we arrived at Sveinsstekksfoss.
Sveinstekksfoss is a modest waterfall along the stream Fossá just northeast of the town of Djúpivogur. The falls crash 49 feet into a narrow gorge carved into a part of the incredibly unique layered basalt flow formations which permeate this area of the island, with the stream then snaking through the narrow twisting gorge to a small lagoon at its mouth.
Though not a terribly impressive waterfall by Iceland standards, the geology is exceptionally unique and quite scenic. The ease of access makes this one a good pit stop for drivers traveling the Ring Road
We continued our drive along East Fjords and at one point, we drove through the thick fog whereby the visibility was less than 10 metres ahead.  It was an experience to drive at such low visibility.

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