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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

31 May 2017 - Iceland Day 6: Vestrahorn Stokksness

One of the first settlements in Iceland were found in this area. Vestrahorn is a 454 meter high mountain overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and part of the headland of Stokksnes.
From the Viking Cafe, we drove along a gravel road that leads to a military base.  Arriving at the fence of the military base, we turned back to the shore which features stunning lava dunes, that are constantly being shaped by the natural forces of water and wind.
On both side of the road, we could see low lying fog all over the lava dunes which reminded me of some scenes in the movie Lord of the Rings.
Vestrahorn Iceland is one of the most photographed mountains on the island. Located on the Stokksnes peninsula, its steep slopes reaching a flat lagoon and small black dunes create a natural wonder.
This place is very popular among the photographers, because the scene changes constantly. The sun, fog, waves and those black dunes perform a truly dramatic view.
On our way back to the Ring Road, we passed by a lake with perfect reflection on the clouds.
Love the photo below with a small hut standing at the foot of a small rocky hill.
We spent more than 2 hours around this area which was not in my planned itinerary.  As such, we had to play some catch up or skip a couple of "not-so-interesting" places.  :-)

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