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Monday, June 19, 2017

2 Jun 2017 - Iceland Day 8: Selfoss

We continued our hike towards Selfoss, which was about 1.4 km from Dettifoss.
There was no proper path to Selfoss initially and we got to climb over the rocky landscape.
At one point, Javier had appointed Jerlene to be the party leader.
After climbing over the rocky ground, the hike became easier as there was a flat path leading to the waterfall.
We could see people taking the hiking trail on the opposite side of the river.

After about 30mins of hike, we finally had a glimpse of Selfoss.
The height of Selfoss is only 10 meters, but the width of 100 meters is more than Dettifoss.  Personally, I think Selfoss is more beautiful than Dettifoss.
We made it to Selfoss despite the rain rocky trail.  Look how happy Jerlene and Javier were after such an achievement.  :-)
We were glad that we brought the shoe covers along in this trip.  It was a really great investment and I cannot imagine what will happen without them.
After spending quite a while here admiring the beautiful Selfoss, we started walking back the same trail to the car park.
Along the way, there was one part where we were walking next to the river
Once again, we got to climb over the rocky ground to get back to our car via Dettifoss.
Just before reaching our car, the rain started to get heavier.

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