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Saturday, June 24, 2017

4 Jun 2017 - Iceland Day 10: Kirkjufell & Kirkjufellsfoss

Kirkjufell Mountain is a beautiful landmark of Grundarfjörður.  Its isolated position jutting out into the sea makes it a focal point for tourists and seamen alike.
In fact, it is the most photographed mountain in Iceland.  With such a nice weather, which was very rare in this trip, I was able to take many beautiful photos.
Refer to the below information board to know more about this "church" mountain and how it was formed.
Across the road from Kirkjufell was a waterfall called Kirkjufellsfoss.
Kirkjufellsfoss is a waterfall that channels the glacier melt water of the Snæfellness mountains.
There is a walking trail around the waterfall where we had the opportunity to capture images of the waterfall from different angles.
It was one of the best spot in Iceland for photograhers to capture such a natural beauty.
Kirkjufellsfoss is not a very large waterfall as it only stands about 5 meters high, but it has a couple of levels and the water is channeled into three separate spouts.
Before leaving, Jerlene and Javier had some great fun playing stone skipping at the small water pond.

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