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Saturday, June 24, 2017

4 Jun 2017 - Iceland Day 10: Travelling to Snæfellsnes Peninsula (West Iceland)

Our road trip today was to travel round Snæfellsnes Peninsula in West Iceland.  On the way, we passed by many scenic mountain ranges.
We stopped by a small town called Grundarfjörður for toilet break.
At the visitor centre, there are some interesting exhibits.  There is a cannon that were found in the sand in nearby Kirkjufell shore.
Another exhibit which is a small boat named Brana SH 20, was built in 1913.  It is a six oars rowboat, typical for Breiðafjörður area, made of oak and pine wood but two planks were added no top of it when a motor was installed in 1931.
There is even a mini theatre showing information of the surrounding area.
We took some photos of the town before continuing our road trip to Kirkjufell.

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