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Sunday, June 25, 2017

7 Jun 2017 - Copenhagen Day 2: Tycho Brahe Planetarium

As it was still early, we decided to make full use of our Copenhagen Cards and went to the Tycho Brahe Planetarium to watch an IMAX movie on Hurricanes.  At first, Javier pronounced it as "Hoo-ricane" and we all had a great laugh.  Up till now, we are still talking about it every now and then.
It was the 1st time the kids were watching IMAX.
Whilst waiting for the movie to start, we snacked on astrounaut’s ice-cream and walked around the science exhibits located on the ground floor of the planetarium.
Our Solar System and large model of the 8 planets as well as 5 dwarf planets are featured in the centre of the exhibition. Here we get to know how our Solar System was formed billions of years ago, and see real pieces of meteorite rocks.
There are many interactive exhibits, games and activities to keep us occupied while waiting for the IMAX movie to start.
All movies are with Danish narration.  As such, we bought the English narration headphones for DKK 20 kr each.

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