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Thursday, November 30, 2017

18 Nov 2017 - Was it drug allergy?

Javier has been coughing on and off for almost a month.  This morning, he developed high fever so I quickly brought him to the clinic.  After understanding his condition, the doctor prescribed a stronger fever medicine and a course of anti-biotic.  I fed him the medicine once we reached home.  After about an hour, we observed the area around his lips was "darkened" and slightly swollen.  I immediately suspected it could be due to drug allergy.  By the time, the clinic that we went earlier had closed.  I then brought him to another nearby clinic for consultation.
When the doctor saw Javier, he did not think it's drug allergy.  He was pretty sure that it was a bruise caused by sucking of water bottle.  The reason was because there was a clear round marking around Javier's lips.  When asked, Javier insisted that he did not suck on any bottle.  As such, it's not conclusive whether it's a case of drug allergy.  To play safe, I decided to stop all the medicine that was prescribed this morning and see if the swell will subside.  Fortunately his fever has also gone down after the strong fever medicine.  Hope that he can get well soon!

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