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Saturday, November 11, 2017

3 Nov 2017 - Javier's first Scratch Programming Project

Javier had been playing a game called Scratch Junior in his tablet for quite a while. Recently we introduced him to a Scratch programming website developed by MIT. Since then, he became very interested in creating his own games. He learnt the coding himself mainly by going through the tutorials and looking at how other people code. I am really surprised at how fast he picks up the skills.  There are currently many private schools conducting such classes or programming boot camp for kids but they are generally quite expensive.  Since his daddy and mommy were once programmers *grin*, I believe he can do equally well at home with our supervision.  :-)
Javier published his first ever Scratch project this afternoon.  Click here to play!  Btw, his nickname is JJJwong.
He even wrote instructions for his game and a bit of credit notes.  Please give him your support!  ;-)
If you are interested, below are some of the coding that he had done for the game.  He now understands the use of IF-THEN-ELSE statement, FOREVER LOOP, CONDITIONS, OPERATORS and many more.  Programming is one thing, I am more impressed with his creativity in designing his game.
He currently has 7 unshared projects in the pipeline. There is even one that is meant for two players.  So stay tuned.
I am his beta tester and had a first try at his Pong Game.  I did not manage to beat the game.  Try to see if you can.  :-)

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