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Thursday, December 28, 2017

15 Dec 2017 - Shanghai Day 1: Two Bedroom Suite at Hotel Grand Mercure (上海虹橋美爵酒店)

We are going to stay for 5 nights in a two bedroom suite in Hotel Grand Mercure at Hong Qiao.  It is a very nice and clean suite with a comfortable size.  Once we entered from the main door, we were "presented" with a dining area followed by a living room that comes with a huge LED TV.
The suite also comes with an open concept kitchen, fully equipped with a refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine etc.
Both bedrooms come with its own attached toilet which was great.
Above is a bedroom with two twin beds and below is the master bedroom with a king size bed.
We were all super satisfied with this suite and glad that we will be staying here for 5 nights.  The only demerit point of this hotel is the location.  The nearest Metro station is about 15-20mins walk away.  When I asked Jerlene and Javier whether they prefer a good hotel that is far from metro station or a "not so good" hotel but just next to the metro station, both their answers are a straight "GOOD HOTEL"!  :-)
Since we had such a comfortable dining area, we decided to call for room service for our dinner.
So satisfied!  :-)

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