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Sunday, April 22, 2018

21 Apr 2018 - Swimsafer Silver Award

Jerlene and Javier received their Swimsafer Silver Award certificates today.  It's another milestone achieved and passing this test means they are able to perform the following:

1. Entries & Exits
- Dive entry (crouching).
2. Sculling & Body Orientation
- Backward somersault in the water.
- Scull, float or tread whilst putting on a PFD in water (incorporated in Survival & Activity Skills).
3. Underwater Skills
- In at least 1.4m deep water, perform feet-first surface dive, swim through hoops on pool bottom for 3m.
4. Movement/Swimming/Strokes
- 50m Front Crawl (within 1:30 min).
- 50m Breaststroke(within 1:50 min).
- 50m Backstroke (within 1:40 min).
- 25m Survival Backstroke.
- 25m Sidestroke.
- Dolphin kick 10m on front.
5. Survival & Activity Skills
- Dressed in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt demonstrate:
- Enter deep water using a straddle jump.
- Perform a backward somersault.
- Submerge using feet first surface dive.
- Swim through hoops on pool bottom for 3m and resurface.
- Swim 45m quickly using front crawl.
- Wave and call for help (rescuer to throw PFD).
- Retrieve a PFD in water and fit it while treading water.
- Demonstrate Heat Escape Lessening Posture (H.E.L.P.) technique for 30 sec.
- Then swim 25m with PFD and climb out of the water.
6. Rescue Skills
- Throw a PFD to a partner 3m away and instruct the partner to kick to the edge.
7. Knowledge
- Principles of Personal Safety and Survival.
- Environmental Awareness.
- Health Awareness.
- Emergency Situations and Survival Techniques.
- Rescues.

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