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Sunday, May 20, 2018

16 May 2018 - Is Friday a weekend?

Javier got back his maths paper for semester one today.  Originally he did not get full marks as he was marked partially wrong for the question below.  However, after seeing what Javier wrote on the paper, the teacher decided to accept his answer in the end.
So what exactly did he write?  If you look at the top of the paper, he wrote, "Is Friday a weekend"?  The original answer does not consider Friday as part of weekend.  According to Javier, after the teacher saw his question on the paper, she seek the principal's advice and decided to accept his answer.  A number of students benefited from this as well.  So thanks to Javier!

I was curious about the definition of weekend so I did a quick search on the internet.  Click here to see the result.  Most definitions do consider Friday night as the start of weekend.  So Javier was right!  :-)

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