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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

7 Jul 2018 - The Lion King Musical

This afternoon, we were at Marina Bay Sands Theatre watching the World's #1 Musical, The Lion King.
Winner of over 70 major international theatre awards, this landmark musical event brings together one of the most innovative and creative teams on Broadway.  The Lion King also features some of world’s most recognisable music, crafted by multi-award winning artists Elton John and Tim Rice.
After having our lunch at ToastBox, we arrived at the entrance of Sands Theatre 15 mins before the show starts.  As we were told that the show will start on the dot and late arrival may result in non-admittance, we quickly entered the theatre.
Our seats were at the second row of the Circle seats and right in the middle.  Initially, the stage seems a bit far from our seats but when the show started, it was actually not too bad.
As Jerlene and Javier had watched the Lion King movie quite a few times, they know the full story very well and were able to relate to the performance.  Throughout the musical, they also sang along with the performers.
We totally enjoyed this musical and it's highly recommend to all!

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