Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

8 Jul 2018 - Our mini Bitter Gourd!

We started growing our bitter gourd plant from a few seeds about 4 months ago.  After months of tender loving care, we finally see our effort paid off.  We were extremely excited to see a few bitter gourds hanging on the vines this monring.  This was our first attempt to grow a bitter gourd plant and glad that it turns out to be a success.
Don't you think this mini bitter gourd cute?  :-)
Our cherry tomatoes continue to bear fruits without fail weeks after weeks.
Below is a Roselle plant which we have also started growing few months back.  It will take about 6 months to mature, so let's wait patiently.  We understand that the flowers will only start to grow when it's about one metre tall.
Following is a pot of Holy Basil.  In fact our entire "garden" at our roof terrace is "infested" by them.  Some even grow outside of the pots.
And finally, this is our Jasmine flower and it really smells good, even at a distance away.