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Saturday, August 11, 2018

12 Aug 2018 - RSAF 50th Anniversary Aerial Display

RSAF celebrates its 50th Anniversary with Aerial Displays over National Day weekend.  The aerial displays, which will be conducted over the waters off Marina South and open to public, will feature 25 RSAF aircrafts.
The highlights of the show include an inaugural aerial display by two AH-64D helicopters, as well as a formation of a F-15SG decked in RSAF50 livery and two F-16Cs executing high speed aerial manoeuvres.
As we foresee it'll be super crowded at Marina and under the hot sun, we decided to just watch it on our roof terrace.  Though we cannot see the actual aerial display, we still managed to watch the F-15SG formation flypast.  The bonus is we also managed to watch F-15SGs broke off from the formation before landing at Paya Lebar airport.  Below video was what I captured.  Enjoy!

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