Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

28 Jun 2009 - Lunch and Tea

We had lunch at Noble House today. It was closed for a while when UIC building was being acquired. It has reopened recently and the interior setting still remain the same. Food wise, it's still pretty good. The only unhappy thing for this lunch was that I had a mild argument with the waiter and supervisor. This was what happened. I had a $50 voucher (as a Safra member) with minimum purchase of $100 on ala carte or set menu. We ordered a set lunch for 4 persons from the menu which cost more than $100. When I presented the voucher during billing, the waiter said that the voucher cannot be used because what we ordered was promotional item. I told them there is no where in the menu that states that it is under promotion. In fact, I purposely chose this set lunch menu because there isn't a word promotion on it. After flipping through the menu back and forth a few times, they have no choice but to accept my voucher because my case is stronger, though they were quite reluctant. Who cares.....I know I'm right and if they refused to accept my voucher, I will go up to their management.

After lunch, we went to Raffles Place to meet up with my Xiao Mei (Pauline and Gwen). It has been quite a while since we last met them, and it was the first time they saw Javier. We went for some cakes and coffee and sat at the restaurant for hours to catch up with each other. At the same time, Jerlene was there entertaining everyone.

At about 5pm, we left the place and went to Gwen's new apartment where we had a good view of the city.

27 Jun 2009 - My orchid blooms again

My orchid is blooming again. I remembered when Jerlene was 3 months old, our orchid was also blooming. Coincidentally, Javier is now also about 3 months old. Orchid is really easy to maintain, in fact for my case, it's no maintenance required. We just simply leave it in our planter. We did not even bother to water it. So it's only water supply is when it rains. At one point, it seems "dead" when there was not a single leaf left and its branches seems totally dried up. However, months later, shoots started to grow out from the "dried" stalk. And now, flowers appear. Really amazing......

25 Jan 2009 - Smiles from Javier

Javier has been quite talkative recently. Whenever he is in a good mood, especially after having his milk, he will likely talk to you when you carry him. If you sing to him, he may sing along with you too.....very cute. And one more thing is, he started to smile a lot now. I have been trying to capture his smile since his birth and finally I managed to capture a few. Unlike Jerlene who started smiling every morning since month 1, Javier has been "stingy" with his smile. Will start to "train" him to smile more often. Waiting for the opportunity to capture both my little angels smiling together. :-)

23 Jun 2009 - Javier has been sleeping through the night

As the title said, Javier has been a good boy since few weeks back and does not wake us up in the middle of the night. One reason could be because he sleeps very little during daytime. Somehow when he was at my parent's place, he could not sleep well. Anyway, it's a good thing for us that he sleeps through the night. Though he still did not beat Jerlene's record of sleeping through the night from week 6, I should be considered fortunate compared to other parents. Thanks to both my little angels for being so considerate for your papa and mama. :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

21 Jun 2009 - Javier on his tummy

Since one month back, Javier kept moving his head around while we were carrying him. So today, we decided to let him lie on his tummy and he seems to enjoy it. He can actually lift up his head for quite a while before he's tired and lie on his face. In fact, for the past few weeks, while he was lying down, there were a few times when he tried to turn over. He failed of course......but based on what I observed, I think he should be able to flip over in a month time.

21 Jun 2009 - Fun time at new playground and Splash Park in SSC

This morning we decided to go to the nearby Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC). Although this is not our first time there, it is our first time to be at its newly open playground and splash park. Jerlene thoroughly enjoyed her time there. There were many kids there but she's the only one who ran all over the park.
She tried to make friends but most kids just stared at her. After which, she continued to run around on her own.

At 11am, the splash park starts to operate. As we did not bring extra clothing for Jerlene, she could only see. We promised to bring her back to play water one day. It looks fun..... :)

20 Jun 2009 - Jerlene and the Nintendo DS Lite

Jerlene now owns the Nintendo DS Lite from her mommy. If you let her sees it, you will never have it back. She can now complete the Dora adventure game all by herself. Kids are simply so advance nowadays. When I was 2 years old, I think I was still sucking thumb.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

18 Jun 2009 - Jerlene "copy" Javier

Nowadays, whatever Javier has, Jerlene would want the same. And whatever Javier does, Jerlene will follow. For instance, when Jerlene sees Javier drink milk, she will ask for milk. When Javier changes diaper, Jerlene will also request for it. And when Javier goes to bed, she will try to sleep as well. That's why I got the chance to take the following series of photos........

Sad to say, Jerlene still sucks her thumb for comfort. Teachers at her childcare and myself have tried waning it off but with no success. Her thumb is swollen but she doesn't seem to feel pain. Sigh.....that's why now I let 弟弟 suck pacifier instead.

14 Jun 2009 - PC Show 2009

We decided to go to the PC Show today as I had intention to purchase a digital camera and a mobile phone. As expected, the place was extremely crowded. It will be difficult to push a stroller into the exhibition hall. As such, we left Javier and our recently hired helper outside of the hall while Tracy and I brought Jerlene in. We have no intention to look around so we went straight to SingTel and get a queue number. Guess what, when I saw my queue number, I realized there were 500 people in front of me. I decided to go somewhere else and come back later.

We walked over to Marina Square where there was a Fujifilm road show at a GainCity booth. My "old" camera is also a Fujifilm FinePix and has been serving its purpose for the past 6-7 years. All the photos that you have seen so far were mainly taken using that camera. However, it recently started to gave me some problem, which is why I need a replacement urgently. In the end, I bought the FinePix F200EXR, which is the latest model at $479. It came with many free gifts as well.

We then walked back to Suntec and found a place to sit down as my queue for SingTel will still take quite a while. I took out my new "toy" and tested it on Jerlene (below video) and Javier (below photo).
Whenever Jerlene saw carpeted floor, she became very excited and active. She will run non stop and crawl all over the place, as seen in the above video. After running for quite a while, she was tired but still smile at my camera, and still a beauty.
After I bought my mobile phone (Samsung Omnia) from SingTel, we quickly left the crowded place.

Friday, June 26, 2009

13 Jun 2009 - Jerlene loves her hairpin

We went to AMK Hub this afternoon and Tracy went into a shop that sells accessories. Jerlene was sitting in her stroller but the moment she saw all those hairpins in the shop, she immediately asked her to carry her into the shop. Once I put her down, she owned the shop. She went around touching every hairpin that she can reached. I guessed the salesgirl was afraid that Jerlene will take some away and kept a very close watch on her. Tracy bought a few hairpin for Jerlene and she insisted to hold it herself after that, and kept saying "Mine mine".

10 Jun 2009 - Jerlene's May Artwork

We took back Jerlene's artwork for the month of May today. The theme of the month is Famous People. They were taught who are our current president, prime minister and minister mentor....but to a group of 2-3 years old kids? puzzled me why the childcare centre chose this theme. Anyway, important thing is what Jerlene has done in school. Here are some of her art pieces.

7 Jun 2009 - The middle finger again

Why do babies always show their middle finger?
I remembered Jerlene also did that when she was a baby. Here is the post:

Once again, I swear that I never teach both Jerlene and Javier that.........

6 Jun 2009 - Jerlene eye pain pain

What happened tonight was that Jerlene was playing with a hat in which there was a elastic band attached to it. I did not witness exactly what happened but according to Tracy, she was trying to put on the hat when suddenly, the elastic band ended up in her right eye. She must have accidentally released the elastic band and shot at her own eye. She was crying so loudly that I knew she was in great pain. I quickly came over to hug and console her but I guessed the pain was simply way past her bearable threshold. She could hardly open up her right eye and seeing that really make us very heart pain.........

After quite a while, she finally stopped crying. In order to calm her down further, I agreed to all her request.....including acting like a clown. Nevermind lah......she happy can liao lor.................

Saturday, June 13, 2009

4 Jun 2009 - Javier on Bumbo

Tracy tried putting Javier on the bumbo seat today. Here are some photos taken which I find quite cute......

3 Jun 2009 - Pretty boy

Most if not all parents always think that their kids are the prettiest, cutest etc etc..... I'm no exception. All along I feel that Jerlene is a pretty girl, especially when so many friends and strangers told me that. Now Javier is turning to become a handsome boy as well. I love watching him sleep because that's the moment when he shows me his most handsome boy look. Just it because of his hair, just like Jerlene previously, that makes him good looking? Anyway, better capture all these moment as babies change very fast. :-)

1 Jun 2009 - Featured on Today's Motherhood Magazine

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