Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, October 31, 2010

27 Oct 2010 - iLight Marina Bay

i Light Marina Bay is an outdoor event to celebrate Singapore's nightscape. It is Asia's first sustainable light art festival that illuminates Marina Bay. We reached there at about 8:30pm. The nightscape was beautiful. The entire light artwork was spanning over 3.5km around Marina Bay area. With Jerlene and Javier around, we only stayed on one side of the bay.

As we were slowly walking towards Helix bridge, one of the staff told us that there will be a light show soon. However, we missed it as we did not expect it to be an indoor show. Fortunately, we managed to catch the last show of the day at 9:30pm. Near to the light show there was an artwork called the rainbow. Javier was fascinated by the rainbow lighting.
The light show called Hammerhaus interprets soundscape into light art projections, generating abstract sound and visual experiences for the audiences.

Both Jerlene and Javier felt asleep on our way home as it was pretty late.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

24 Oct 2010 - Enjoying our private roof terrace

Our new house is currently full of stuff and there is hardly any walking space. Since it was not so sunny this evening, we decided to take a break on our private roof terrace. The feeling of having a private open area on the rooftop is great. Since young, I have been wanting to own one so that I can do my star gazing, and now it seems like my childhood dream has come true.

Not only me, everybody enjoyed the roof terrace. Jerlene and Javier were having so much fun riding their bicycles on the 2-bedroom sized terrace. The space is about the size of two bedroom, so there is ample space for cycling.

After that, we took out the bubble gun and it's bubbling time. Javier was so funny chasing all the bubbles, while Jerlene was spraying out the bubbles. The floor got slippery after a while and Javier kept slipping.

We spent about an hour enjoying the cool weather and having fun on the roof terrace. My plan is to setup a relaxing corner with a BIG umbrella, and have a teak wood table and chairs underneath. There will also be a corner for us to do some gardening. Hopefully can get all these done up in 3 months time.

22 Oct 2010 - Cutover completed

Today is D-Day! We finally moved to a location much much nearer to my parent's place. After staying at the far north for about 10 years, it's about time to make a change. With this change, I will be able to save at least an hour a day on travelling. Other than time saving, my monthly petrol bill will also reduce quite significantly. Bye bye to my ex-home....... Let's have a last look......

Although cutover has completed, the state of my new place a warehouse........ I think we will need a least a month to clear up everything. No wonder many people told me, packing is easy, moving is harder and unpacking is nightmare........

20 Oct 2010 - Jerlene's Speech and Drama Presentation

Jerlene has been attending Speech and Drama class for the past 4 months (every Wednesday). Today, it's the last class of the current semester. We (parents) were invited to a special presentation by the children who had attended the class. According to the instructor, all the props were prepared by the children during their normal classes. Also, the songs that they sang were chosen by themselves.
Initially Jerlene was very enthusiastic but after several songs, she started to become very "sticky" to me. She refused to return to her position and in the end, I had no choice but to join her in the presentation.
The presentation is about two rabbits, which do not like their tails, and wanted to swap their tails with that of other animals. Jerlene was acting as a cat. I had been practising with her at home on her line:"Oh yes, let's swap tails". She managed to say it but without the "Oh yes". When I asked her why she did not say it, she said:"Other children also never say....", which was true.
At the end of the presentation, every kid was given a certificate.

16 Oct 2010 - Final preview before cutover

Friday, October 29, 2010

14 Oct 2010 - First visit to Resort World Sentosa

Today is Tracy's birthday and we had a superb lunch at PuTien, City Square Mall. After the heavy lunch, we decided to drive into Resort World Sentosa for the very first time. The carpark is very big but I heard the parking fee is also very expensive. First we followed the direction and reached the entrance of Universal Studio. At that moment, we had a feeling that we were in overseas.

Next, we went to the Forum where there were a stretch of shops on both sides.

At various spots of the Forum, there are small performances to entertain the visitors.

We then walked to the outdoor and took some pictures of the surroundings.

The casino is really earning big money as the number of people going in and out is tremendous. However, I'm not sure whether there will be more and more social problems. While we were at the carpark earlier, we saw lots of lorries and taxis occupying at least 20% of the carpark lots. There were also many Malaysian cars. We shall see.......

12 Oct 2010 - Javier's funny actions

Javier has learnt many actions from all his kids video and will perform them whenever you sing those songs. Other than that, one funny action that he does almost everyday is to give away his flying kiss. The action and sound that he makes are so funny......haha........

10 Oct 2010 - Sengkang Riverside Park

We happened to pass by Sengkang area this afternoon. Everytime while we were driving along TPE, we always see an open space with greenery that looks like a park near Sengkang. As such, we decided to explore the area a bit. Before we reached the park, there was another big open field and there were many people flying kites. There was one kite that was extremely big. Driving further in, we finally saw the park. It's always a great feeling coming close to nature as we spent most of our time in the concrete forest.

The moment we entered tha park, we saw two ponds with long grasses all around.

The first friend that Jerlene and Javier made here is a tortoise by the side of the pond.

This park consists of different areas but we only stayed around one spot as it was too hot to walk to the other side of the park.

Nearby there was a big shed where many people, especially kids, were learning roller blading.
We suddenly remembered we had a picnic mattress in our car. So I took it out and we all had a small picnic there. As the weather was really hot, we all took out our water bottles and had a water parade.

Though the weather was hot, it was pretty windy as well. That struck us and we took out our kite (also happened to be in our car) and it's time for a kite flying session. Jerlene was able to fly the kite herself. Javier was so funny as he was chasing the shadow of the kite at one time.
It was a tiring day (mainly due to the hot weather) but I believe we all enjoyed it...

2 Oct 2010 - Presents from Teachers

Yesterday was Children's Day and Jerlene received a few presents from her class teachers. She went round showing off her presents to everyone. She was so eager to remove the gift wrapper and luckily I managed to take a pic before she did it. :-)

1 Oct 2010 - Close encounter with the sea

After having so much fun at The Polliwogs, we took a slow walk towards the beach. This is Javier's first time stepping on a beach. It always feels so good to look out into the sea. Javier got pretty excited and kept wanting to walk into the water. So we took out our shoes, held each other's hand and submerged our feet into the sea water. :-)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

1 Oct 2010 - Happy Children Day at The Polliwogs

It's Children's Day and Jerlene's childcare was closed today. I was on half day leave this afternoon and decided to bring them out to have some fun. The first place that came to our mind was Go Go Bambini at Dempsey. When we reached there, we found that it was extremely crowded. As such, we decided to try out The Polliwogs along East Coast Parkway.

The Polliwogs consists of an indoor playground and an outdoor bouncing castle cum slide. I find it bigger than Go Go Bambini and at least it was not as crowded. Initially Jerlene did not dare to join the other kids and only stayed at one corner. After she started to get used to the place, her "hyperactive" mode got triggered. As for Javier, he would not care much. Once he entered, he immediately ran and climbed all over the place.

As both my angels were having so much fun, we stayed there until it closed.