Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, December 26, 2010

25 Dec 2010 - Christmas Day Gathering

I've organized a Christmas Day BBQ gathering at my place today. At around 3pm, I started setting up the BBQ pit that I've recently bought from Carrefour. Soon after, the BBQ food was delivered. We then proceed to setup the fire at around 5pm. The sky looks cloudy and we all prayed that it won't rain.

There were so much food for everyone. The food that we bought from BBQ wholesale (online) was pretty decent. As everybody was enjoying the food and atmosphere, it started to drizzle at about 7:30pm. We quickly packed up the food and brought them downstairs. Fortunately, we had already BBQ sufficient food for everyone.

My sis bought a log cake which was delicious.
The kids were running around at first but the moment I played Barney DVD, they all sit properly on my sofa and watched quietly.
The final program is gift exchange. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the mini Xmas gathering.

24 Dec 2010 - Outdoor Umbrella

We bought an outdoor umbrella for our roof terrace few weeks back and it was delivered today. When we viewed it at the showroom, I thought the umbrella is huge but after setting it up on our roof terrace, it seems a bit small to me.

20 Dec 2010 - Jerlene's first movie in cinema

Jerlene's childcare centre was closed for spring cleaning today. I took leave to accompany Jerlene and decided to bring her for a movie in the cinema. This was Jerlene's first time going into the cinema. She was extremely excited. We went to AMK Hub and bought a pair of Mom n Tots tickets. It's a current promotion from Cathay Cinema whereby for every adult ticket, the child got to watch for free. And yes, it applies to Dad as well. :-)

The movie that we watched is "Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale". I wanted to take a picture of Jerlene with Rapunzel's poster but can only find Yogi Bear...... :-P

We got a seat (double) at the back row and were ready for the show.

Jerlene managed to sit through the movie though half way through, she was sitting on my lap. When the movie ended, Jerlene suddenly cried as everybody started to leave the cinema. I have to explain to her the situation and finally calmed her down. We then went to the nearby library to return and borrow some books.

Jerlene and I had a great day out today!

19 Dec 2010 - Happy Birthday, 爷爷!

We gathered at my sis place today to celebrate Jerlene's and Javier's 爷爷birthday.

Friday, December 10, 2010

10 Dec 2010 - Jerlene's Year End Concert 2010

Today is Jerlene's childcare centre K2 class graduation and year end concert 2010. It's held at the multi purpose hall in The Grassroot Club. We reached the venue at about 12:30pm. Jerlene went with the teachers for some makeup sessions while we went over to Nanyang Polytechnics, which is just next door, for lunch. The concert started at 2:30pm but before entering the concert hall, we went to the dressing area and see if Jerlene was ready for her performance. She was more than ready........

This boy beside Jerlene is her classmate and also dance partner in today's performance. Both of them are the smallest (in terms of size) in their whole class.

The programme started with the K2 class graduation ceremony from the three branches of Intellect Childcare and Development Centre.

Following that will be what we were all waiting for, the performance from the various classes. Jerlene has been practising her dance for quite a while and finally today, she got to perform on the actual stage. Of course, this is Jerlene's first stage performance, which makes it very memorable. Below is a short clip of her performance.

Before the end of concert, all the participating children went up on stage to sing the song, "We are the World". The concert ends at about 5pm.

Jerlene has performed very well today and made me feel very very proud. Below is a picture of the future superstar and her proud daddy. :-)

5 Dec 2010 - Christmas Tree in our new place

It's December and Christmas is just round the corner. Everytime when Jerlene sees a christmas tree, she will become very excited. As such, I decided to take out our christmas tree in our store room and set it up. This Christmas will be our first in our new place. As usual, I decorated our christmas trees with lots of angel bears.

1 Dec 2010 - Jerlene's class photo 2010

Jerlene's teacher passed me the class photo 2010 when I picked her up this evening. Time really flies and Jerlene has been with this childcare centre for close to 2 years. Throughout these 2 years, Jerlene has grown and learnt a lot in different areas. I am quite satisfied with her development so far. Good job, Jerlene! :-)